Weekly Lore Roundup

Lore Podcasts from TLN Members throughout the week of June 15th

Here’s your weekly summary of podcast episodes by TLN members discussing various aspects of game lore. 

As always – if there is any content that you feel are worth us putting into this roundup, please let us know through via the contact link in the menu above!

Ellimist, Hyven, Mrs Hyven, and Orchid start reading the lore book “The Liar”.

Join your hosts TheBagelz and Taylor-B- with their very special three-peat guest, WykidJestr (first proud member of the STP 3-Timers Club) as they tackle the makings of the many Nightmares found throughout the Moon and system since Shadowkeep’s release.

This week, the FFC Podcast team sits down with special guests NeoMadDog, pensHALO, & TheLazzrich. In this Intro Session, take some time to get to know the guests, have a quick announcement from both Blue and Grn about some of the new things coming from the FFC Podcast Team, and a brief look at the overall history of the Darkhorse of Iron, Felwinter.

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