Weekly Lore Podcast Roundup

A weekly summary of TLN member’s Lore Podcasts from throughout the week of February 1st with musings on Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny, Dungeons and Dragons, Elder Scrolls, Halo, and Fallout lore!

It’s been a long week, guardians, and we hope all of you are safe and supported in this community and everywhere. Please enjoy our weekly summary of TLN member’s podcasts with musings on Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny, Dungeons and Dragons, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout lore!

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Destiny Lore Audiophile

Enjoy a new episode produced by GrnEyedMusikLvr that dives into the lore of Destiny directly with weekly readings of the various lore books/entries. Just pure lore.

This week Hyp3rSint4x reads the first 10 pages from the Clovis Bray logbook 

The Dungeons & Dragons Lorecast

Join Tom and Stuart as they chat with Lupus Malum about their journey to becoming a DM and getting into D&D.

Guardians of Lore

Ellimist and Orchid continue to read the lore book, A Tangled Web with special guest Piratemonkie.

Cyberpunk Lorecast

Jump into the podcast where style is just as important as substance alongside with Tom and Capt_Logun as they discuss the various experiences of Cyberpunk 2077 with patrons Kaither, Duffo, and So_Thanatoasted.

Elder Scrolls Lorecast

Get ready to explore the edges of your knowledge in all things Elder Scrolls with Tom. This week, patrons join the discussion to share their thoughts and reactions to the Gates of Oblivion reveal event.

The Spinfoil Theory Podcast

Join TheBagelz and Taylor-B- as they discuss some more…interesting theories from within the Destiny universe. This week’s conversation discusses the supposed relationship between Ghosts and Servitors.

Fallout Lorecast

Tom discusses the Brotherhood of Steel in regards to if they can be considered a force for good.

Written in Uncertainty

Join host Aramithius as he looks at one of the darker characters – arguably one of the most evil – from the realm of Tamriel, Mannimarco. 

Focused Fire Chat

Blue and Pens conclude their dive into the information concerning the Insurrection from the HALO universe.

The team, along with guest Rindel Zivas, dive into the contents of the lore book, The Dark Future

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