Weekly Lore Podcast Roundup

A weekly summary of TLN member’s Lore Podcasts from throughout the week of October 12th with musings on Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny, Dungeons and Dragons, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout lore!

It’s been a long week, guardians, and we hope all of you are safe and supported in this community and everywhere. Please enjoy our weekly summary of TLN member’s podcasts with musings on Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny, Dungeons and Dragons, Elder Scrolls, and Fallout lore!

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Destiny Lore Audiophile

Enjoy a new episode from GrnEyedMusikLvr that dives into the lore of Destiny directly with weekly readings of the various lore books/entries. Just pure lore.

This week, Hyp34Sint4x delivers the final recording from the Books of Sorrow

A bonus recording of the Destiny 2 Weblore “They’re Not Coming” released on 10/8/2020 on Bungie.net.

Read by Rindel Zivas (@Trecheon) and Grneyedmusiklvr.

The Dungeons & Dragons Lorecast

Join Tom and Stuart as they conclude the recap of Baldur’s Gate with an exploration of the expansion content for both titles.

Guardians of Lore

Ellimist and Orchid continue their reading through the lore book, The Singular Exegete. This week, the team continues their discussion over Eris’ obsession with pineapples, Orchid gets excited about soil, and Ellimist sidebars into Niobe Labs.

Cyberpunk Lorecast

Jump into the podcast where style is just as important as substance alongside with Tom and Capt_Logun as they take a look at the weapons company, Kang Tao.

Elder Scrolls Lorecast

Get ready to explore the edges of your knowledge in all things Elder Scrolls with Tom, as he dives into the history of the Dragon Priests and their infamous cults.

The Spinfoil Theory Podcast

Join TheBagelz, Taylor-B-, and KAZ_PhD as they discuss some more…interesting theories from within the Destiny universe. This week’s conversation looks at the possibility of Toland’s use of wish-dragons to escape the Deathsinger’s Song.

Fallout Lorecast

Tom welcomes Ken, from the Fallout Hub podcast, to the show to reveal the secrets of the Mole Miners!

Focused Fire Chat

This week, Blue, Grn, and Orchid sit down to examine the information that we’ve gotten so far about the upcoming “hikeable” space, Europa. 

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