Weekly Lore YouTube Roundup

Lore Videos from TLN Members throughout the week of July 13th

It’s Friday already, guardians, and we hope all of you are safe and supported in this community and everywhere. We are excited to share our weekly summary of TLN member’s YouTube videos, giving you insights into current Destiny lore. 

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Join Trams87 as he examines the information that we have concerning those ominous pyramids filling up the Destiny 2 skies.  

This week, Myelin takes a look at what we know about the Deep Stone Crypt and what it could mean for the new raid expecting to arrive with the Beyond Light expansion.

Sir Wallen, along with special guest Living Lore, explore the information around the new exotic weapon in Destiny 2, Ruinous Effigy. Of special focus is the process which is utilized by the weapon to create void energy directly from the Light of its wielder.  

Following up on his delve into the infamous Song of Savathûn last week, Byf takes a step back regals us with the full picture of the Witch Queen. Sit back and enjoy a tale that weaves through the majority of Destiny 2’s narrative – from the legends recorded in the Books of Sorrow to the events surrounding the presence of Nokris within our solar system.

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