Weekly Lore YouTube Roundup

Lore Videos from TLN Members throughout the week of June 29th

It’s been a long week, guardians, and we hope all of you are safe and supported in this community and everywhere. We are excited to share our weekly summary of TLN member’s YouTube videos, giving you insights into current Destiny and Cyberpunk 2077 lore. 

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Join Trams87 as he dives into the story of the mysterious Exo Stranger – someone that many who joined the Destiny Community following the release of Destiny 2 might not be familiar with.

Sit back and enjoy a discussion with Myelin about the Tree with Silver Wings and this season’s artifact, the Seed. Why is this the central focus of the story within Season of Arrivals? What does this strange item show us about the nature of Guardians and their relationship with the Light and Darkness?

Sir Wallen tackles the history and background of one of the major figures that Guardians have fought before, Nokris. Take a look at his original allegiance with Xol and the events which led to his joining Savathun’s forces. 

Sir Wallen dives back into the world of Cyberpunk this week to take an in-depth look at the Arasaka Corporation. As one of the world’s largest conglomerates, Arasaka supplies the world with multiple pieces of technology…but what do we actually know about their rise to power? 

Sit down with TheIceWarrior as he takes a look at who Savathun is – and what she’s up to currently (as far as we know) in the Destiny universe. 

Looks like we have a double Destiny drop week from Byf this time around – first up, we join in as he explores the stories of how the Darkness is already present and corrupting Guardians (and Ghosts). You just thought that this was a “new” threat…

Byf jumps in on the Stranger hype-train, bringing answers to the renewed fascination around one of the most recognized figures within the Destiny universe (mostly because none of us know that much about her…or her new fish buddy). 

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