Weekly Lore Roundup

Lore Videos from TLN Members throughout the week of June 1st

It’s been an intense week for many of us and we hope all of you are safe and supported in this community and everywhere. We are excited to share our weekly summary of TLN member’s YouTube videos, giving you insights into current Destiny and Cyberpunk 2077 lore, along with a popular blast from the past video. 

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Settle into your chair with Myelin as he questions where SIVA is, the mysteries behind Felwinter and Rasputin, and what lies ahead in this week’s Destiny lore video. 

Sir Wallen offers a hot take on what exactly happened to The Traveler. Enjoy this delicious, well-reasoned steaming cup of speculative Destiny lore!

Dive into the dystopian horror that is Cyberpunk 2077 with Sir Wallen and learn about the origins of Night City and the chaos and corruption that brought us to this dark place. 

Byf digs deep into the mystery of the seed in this week’s Destiny lore video. Learn more about the connection between Osiris, Queen Mara Sov, Rasputin, and the perplexing seed… 

This week, KAZ explores the dark and the light meanings that remain in The Last City. Let’s all learn together what it means to be better guardians and to stand against inequality. 

Blast from the Past!

KAZ shared this phenomenal Destiny lore video a year ago, comparing the perspectives of the Drifter and the Vanguard during the Allegiance Quest. It wasn’t an easy decision for anyone and this analysis was clutch for players still making their choice. Who did you choose?

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