Weekly Lore Roundup

Lore Videos from TLN Members throughout the week of May 25th

Here’s your weekly summary of YouTube videos by TLN members discussing various aspects of lore from within a variety of game worlds. 

As always – if there are videos that you feel are worth us putting into this roundup, please let us know through via the contact link in the menu above!

This week, Kaz takes another dive into the life and culture of Destiny in regards to Guardians.

This week, Myelin sits down to discuss the ending of the Felwinter’s Lie quest and looking into the question of why did Rasputin do what he did.

This week, Sir Wallen discusses the story behind the Tyrant King and his connection to Felwinter. 

For his weekly “Random Title / Community Suggested” video, Sir Wallen takes a look at the first title within the Deus Ex series, examining the backstory of the world and overall game universe. 

This week, Byf sits down to explore one of the lesser known stories about the incoming Almighty – the tale of a Guardian who, for reasons still unknown, is stuck within the ship. 

In addition to his regular Destiny dives, Byf often dives into other titles – this week’s travels takes us into the dark lore of Doom Eternal. Join him as he walks through the arsenal of the one known as “The Slayer” – from the shotgun that any fan will recognize to the deadly Crucible Sword. 

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