Weekly Lore YouTube Roundup

Lore Videos from TLN Members throughout the week of January 25th

It’s Friday already, and we hope all of you are safe and supported in this community and everywhere. We are excited to share our weekly summary of TLN member’s YouTube videos, giving you insights into Destiny and Kingdom Hearts lore. 

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This week, we welcome Contempest to The Lore Network! And we’re happy to showcase his amazing work with the Kingdom Hearts series – starting with his journey through the series prior to the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. 

This week, Myelin cracks open the lore surrounding the returning exotic hand cannon, Hawkmoon. We also appreciate his 100% accurate thumbnail choice.

This week, Kaz treats us to a video covering some great tips and resources for anyone interested in getting into the lore of Destiny.

In addition to the guide of getting into the lore, we also get an amazing examination of the story behind the dual weapons, Sturm & Drang!

This week, Byf looks into possible future presented to us within the lore book, The Dark Future, and discusses what this different timeline could mean.

We then get an excellent analysis of the lore surrounding the exotic sniper rifle, Cloudstrike – and some thoughts on the possibility of sentience in Arc energy.

Trams87 takes us through his thoughts on the information that we currently have concerning the constant companion to Guardians, the Ghosts.

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