Weekly Lore YouTube Roundup

Lore Videos from TLN Members throughout the week of November 2nd

It’s Friday already, and we hope all of you are safe and supported in this community and everywhere. We are excited to share our weekly summary of TLN member’s YouTube videos, giving you insights into Destiny and Godfall lore. 

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This week, Myelin continues his analysis of the booklet contained within the Beyond Light collector’s edition this week, leading into some of his predictions on what we might see within the upcoming Deep Stone Crypt raid.

Trams87 has two drops for us this week, the first of which is a look at the Ascendant Realm – with a special focus on the Ascendant Lens Guardians were recently able to acquire in game from the Spider.

Second up, we get a look into the difference between the Light and the Dark – and what possible implications this has upon Guradians.

This week, Sir Wallen takes a look at what possibly lies in store for Asher Mir, following the events detailed in the lore books from the Season of Arrivals.

This week, KAZ PhD explores the entire Beyond Light Collector’s Edition lore book, as a lead up to the new expansion, and especially a backdrop for the Deep Stone Crypt raid.


Enjoy each chapter in its own 10 minute video, or the entire series in one full length video in the same playlist!

This week, Byf takes a break from Destiny lore, focusing on the story of Godfall. The first of a triple drop, this entry focuses on the destruction of the Archons – an event that led to the first of the 12 Godfalls within this new universe.

Next up, Byf opens the pages of Godfall’s history once more, looking back at the crusades against the Tetrarchy and the Unification. 

To finish up this week’s recap, we get a look at the story of how Orin and Macros go to war for a thousand years – a war that was waged to prevent the ascent of Macros and the reshaping of Aperion. 

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