Ep 137 Summary

This week, the team comes together to chat about the new information that we’ve gotten throughout the last few months about the Bray family. Joining us is our good friend, PurpleChimera – who along with Green, helps keep Blue and Beard on topic (mostly). Along with the recap of new information, the team finally allows Blue and Beard to finally discuss one of their larger spinfoil theories, which touches on not just the presence of Clovis Bray facilities over the Hive burial ground, but also a potential reason for the Exoscience project as well.

Extra Lore #28: Star Wars

This week, the team takes a quick glance into the new information that the Star Wars universe has on Smugglers, in light of the most recent movie, Solo. Get ready for a quick trip through the underworld of the new Star Wars universe, as the team discusses the notable figures that make up the current ranks of smugglers, a few clarification points for Blue from Beard and Damo in regards to Clone Wars and Rebels, and a minor divergence into Beard’s thoughts on the new EU for Star Wars.

Ep 136 Summary

This week, the team jumps into the conversation on the enigmatic Exos and the new information that the Destiny community received as part of the Warmind DLC (and a hefty conversation at the end about the potential future of one of the community’s favorite Exo in the upcoming Forsaken DLC). Get ready for a dive into some more psychological analysis of the science fiction genre, a look at some potential reasons why Destiny has Exos, and a good amount of home-grown spinfoil!

Ep 135 Summary

This week, get ready for a long chat with Beard and Green (Blue and Justin are there, trust us) about the information contained within the new Ares One information that was provided to the community in the Warmind DLC. And yes, that includes the big debate on the order of the entries, but also the underlying potential problems (if any) there are with the information.

Top 3 – E3 2018

A new show where we count things down from 3 to number 1 for the Focused Fire Chat podcast team. This week Green, Justin, Beard, and Blue discuss the top 3 moments of E3 2018.

Ep 134 Summary

This week we answer the question of “would you like to know more” with a resounding YES – diving into the bread crumbs of information that are able to be gleaned from some of the new collectible scans in the Warmind DLC for Destiny 2. From a lengthy (per listener request) discussion on the nature of the Trolley Problem and how it relates to the figure of Rasputin, to chatting about the new revelations about Exos, the team dives into the information given to us by the files we fondly refer to as The Fry Files.