Show Notes – Ep 145 (A Drifter's Gambit)

This week, the team chats about one of the new lore ‘booklets’ introduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken, A Drifter’s Gambit. While there are some minor theories tossed into this week’s discussion, be prepared for a more concentrated analysis of the text…in other words – we’re getting back into the roots of lore analysis thanks to the amazing work from Bungie in this update!

Show Notes – BTS 07 (Creativity w Zeon Remnants)

This episode of Behind the Scenes allowed Green and Blue to sit down and chat about creating everything from cosplay to machinima with the creator of Team Titans, Zeon Remnants. There’s a ton of amazing information that he shared detailing out not just his own creative process and what got him started, but some good tips and tricks for those who might be interested in getting into a creative outlet of their own – as well as an open invitation to the Destiny Machinima Discord server to all that are interested in learning more about this vibrant community of creators!

Top 3 – Books

The show where we count things down from 3 to number 1 for the Focused Fire Chat podcast team. This week Green, Beard, and Blue discuss their top 3 Books.

Show Notes – Ep 143 (The Awoken)

This week, the team presents a very high level summary of the new information that we have uncovered within the Forsaken DLC in regards to the Awoken people – note here that this is barely a scratch on the immense mountain of information that we are still trying to fully get our minds around.