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Affiliates & Sponsors of the Show



Community Members who have shown extra support for the Focused Fire Chat team and Game Lore chat community.

(To be listed – please see our crowdfunding page)
  • bo5amisqat
  • coenjans
  • danieljworthy
  • HikoMacinnes
  • jtwhitechapel
  • inuzukakira12
  • mthill9616
  • PensHALO
  • Redn3ck_ma (ROTM Radio)
  • Stormecrow (DoD ChattaWhyte Krew)
  • tronienz
  • ZionaRae

In addition to the above supporters over on the Podbean site, we have also had our Twitch channel Affiliated – which opened it up to allowing viewers to subscribe. Thus, we introduced the role of the Gunslingers.
Thankyee sai, for your support in this as well.

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