SnapShot 02: Orpheus Rig

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Item Introduction

  • Type: Armor (Leg)
  • Rarity: Exotic
  • Acquisition Source: Exotic Engram or Xur
  • Associations: Quentiss Rhee; Nightstalkers; Nessus; Hunters; Vex; Void

Item Mechanics

  • Perk Layout
    • Intrinsic
      • Uncanny Arrows
    • Traits
      • Mobility Enhancement Mod
      • Plasteel Reinforcement Mod

Lore Dive

Flavor Text

“Never, ever, look back.”

Entry/Card Text

Quantis Rhee has almost forgotten what colors are. For months, she has prowled the deep, shadowed catacombs of Nessus—the places where the inexorable Vex burrowed into the rogue planet and replaced natural life with a cold, inhuman labyrinth.
Light is scarce in this place. But Quantis knows how to find it—how to feel for the un-ripples of the Void, to draw Light from the infinities between spaces. She knows how to roll black holes between her fingertips, and how to nock her bow with the inescapable gravities of the universe.
Soon Quantis will leave this place, return to the City, report her findings. See colors again. But that won’t last long. She is a Nightstalker. Out here—balanced upon the infinitesimal knife’s edge—is where she truly belongs.

Trivia Notes

  • Ornament is Forest Ranger
    • “an officer charged with the patrolling and guarding of a forest; especially: one in charge of the management and protection of a portion of a public forest.”
    • Possible connection to the idea of yeoman bowmen of medieval times (the idea presented in the Robin Hood tales).
  • Obvious Connections
    • Etymology of Quantis Rhee
      • Quantis
        • dative/ablative feminine/masculine form of “quantis” (“how, how much, how many”)
      • Rhee
        • Common Korean surname
        • Hamlet in the Netherlands, in Drenth (dolmen and passage grave connection)
    • Greek myth of Orpheus & Eurydice
      • Summary from Encyclopaedia Britannica (link)
        • Also see Edith Hamilton’s Mythology for a brief summary.
      • Intriguing analysis on r/DestinyLore (link)
      • Summary from Destiny Armory Defined (link)
      • Virgil’s Georgics, book IV: 315-. – 588
        • Mostly told from the perspective of Aristaeus, as he was the cause of the tragedy that befell Eurydice and is suffering the wrath of Orpheus and the Nymphs.
      • Ovid’s Metamorphoses Books X & XI
        • Told from the perspective of Orpheus, filling in the details of the tragic wedding and after effects that Virgil mentions.
        • Details out the fate of Orpheus at the hands (literally) of the Bacchantes – and the punishment of those women by Bacchus.
          • This could be tied back into the effects of the Shadowshot (tethering and punishing) and it’s augmentation by the Uncanny Arrow trait.
        • Also details out connections between Orpheus and the following mortals who were loved by the gods:
          • Ganymede (loved by Jupiter)
          • Hyacinthus (loved by Apollo)
          • The Propoetides (offenders of Venus)
          • Pygmalion (worshipper of Venus, who was rewarded with a living statue)
            • Cinyras & Myrrha (his daughter)
          • Adonis (loved by Venus)
            • Hippomenes & Atalanta
        • Also contains the story of Cyparissus, who is one of the trees which gather around Orpheus after his return from Hades and failure to ‘rescue’ Eurydice from the land of the dead.
      • Neil Gaiman, Orpheus Underground (link)
        • Concepts Discussed
          • Orphic Head
            • Sings praise in defiance – the praise is the defiance.
            • He refuses to back down and refuses to stop, even as he dies and is torn apart.
          • The Underground Power
            • One of the most powerful powers there is.
          • Forbidden Zone
            • Story of a descent into or crossing into a forbidden zone to retrieve something. The faith that the ‘miniature death’ is worth the unknown prize being chased.
          • Failure to control desire (human nature)
            • Looking back is a symbol of regret of what has happened, which is something that is a base component of what it is to be human.
          • The journey will always change us.
            • We are better off leaving the dead to death – no matter what, they are gone…and we need to move forward.
          • Myth as a malleable force
            • Orpheus is a popular myth because of the universal application of the story. It can mean anything from the loss of a loved one to the loss of a mundane object/item.
            • Myths are the ability to voice a collective unconscious
              • If you get your brain out for the way, your mind will take you there and the spirits will talk to you. Those who can assist in this are ‘shamans’ (writers, artists, etc.).
        • Gaiman Quotes
          • “Because he’s still human, he doesn’t get what he wants.”
          • “You’ve been to hell…what’s behind you, following you out?”
          • “Returning from hell always means leaving something behind and bringing something unknown back.”
    • Constellation of Lyra (originally the Lyre of Orpheus)
      • Eustemon of Athens, in 5th century BC, compiled a weather almanac, according to Germinus of Rhodes, that included Lyra as a weather portent.
      • Vega is the brightest star in the constellation
        • It is predominate in the August sky (@ 40° North latitude) and is the fifth brightest star in the night sky (the second brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus).
        • It has been called arguably the next most important star in the sky after the sun. While it is only a tenth the age of our own sun, given it’s being roughly 2.1 times the size of our sun, it’s expected lifespan is also about one tenth – meaning that, similar to our own star, it is approaching the midpoint of its life expectancy.
        • It is listed as a Behenian fixed star – a selection of fifteen stars considered especially useful for magical applications within European/Arab medieval astrology. The term Behenian stems from the Arabic bahman, which means “root”, due to each of the stars being considered a source of astrological power for one or more planets.
          • Vega (vultur cadens) was given the astronomical designation of Alpha Lyrae and is associated with the planets Mercury & Venus. The chrysolite gemstone and winter savory plant are also associated with the star in this context.
  • Tenuous Connections
    • Concept of “not looking back” as a divine command
      • Orpheus, Biblical story of Lot (destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah)
    • Concept of “not looking back” in psychology
      • In regards to moving forward – showing no regret for the past actions
    • Orphic religion
      • Description from Encyclopaedia Britannica (link)
  • Concept artwork for item (link)
    • Design
      • Belt/Hip Quiver (seems to be a variant of a ‘pocket quiver’)
        • Benefit is that this design allows the archer to walk and move while also keeping arrows within easy reach. Known to be the preferred model of tournament shooters, as well as some Western ‘spot and stalk’ hunters – though the variations of this particular design, due to being dictated by personal taste of the archer, are nearly limitless.
    • Images
      • Snake
      • Three
        • Three arrows (either void energy or hunting shafts)
        • Three dotted circle
      • Ornament changes
        • Camouflage design

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