SnapShot 01: Nameless Midnight

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Item Introduction

  • Type: Scout Rifle
  • Class: Kinetic
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Acquisition Source: Given by Commander Zavala after completing the “Complete 2 Strikes” milestone
  • Associations: The Vanguard

Item Mechanics

  • Perk Layout
    • Intrinsic
      • Precision Frame
    • Sights & Barrels
      • Red Dot 2 MOA
      • Red Dot Micro
      • Rifle Scope SSF
    • Magazines & Batteries
      • Flared Magwell
      • Steady Rounds
    • Traits
      • Explosive Payload

Lore Dive

Flavor Text

“Strange things wake at the stroke of twelve.”

Entry/Card Text

N/A for this item

Trivia Notes

  • Offered to Guardian along with Origin Story & Nightshade
  • The TV trope of “When the Clock strikes Twelve” (link)
  • Miscellaneous information about midnight (link)
    • The idea of the “witching hour” being around this point in time is due to this time frame being between the Midnight Office and Matins/Orthos prayer services – this is the longest point of time in the day that there aren’t any devotionals being given, thus the belief that this would be when the defense is the weakest against those of darker spirits.
  • Connection to The Raven (by Edgar Allen Poe) as detailed in Destiny Armory Defined (link)

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