Path of Exile – Where it all Begins

Location – Lioneye’s Watch

The first location we step foot on, as an exile, is a very interesting place. One would wonder why it is here that we are destined to our exile. Others might dismiss it as a mear happen stance. I myself find it one of the the more interesting places we visit. In this article, we dive into the world that is Lioneye’s Watch. First of all, because it’s our exiles first encounters outside of Oriath. Another, is that it’s the one encounter that will change your exiles life forever.

Hillock – Enemy at the Gate

Hillock – After meeting the only lone survivor of the voyage to Wraeclast, we encounter Hillock as our first boss fight. Hillock was a person exiled to Wraeclast by High Templar Dominus for a long list of crimes, including murder, murder of children, extortion, armed larceny, rape and rape resulting in death. After his exile he remained outside of Lioneye’s Watch, attacking other exiles. He was born large. So large that he almost torn his mother in two during birth. In life, Hillock was not the same feral beast that we see ingame. He was quiet and content at working within the smith. He loved to drink though and one night, a stranger said just the right words that set Hillock off on a horrifying tear. Noone dare approach him, while he hid in the smithy. After this, Hillock was changed forever. Having now a taste for murder, he would end anyone that even thought of giving him a reason to. Then, late on night, a few of the strongest locals gathered together and attacked Hillock while he sleep. They shoved a great sword through his heart and slung him down the cliffs to the sea. For anyone else, this would be the end of them. But for Hillock, this was only his true beginning


Nessa – Upon entering Lioneye’s Watch for the first time, we talk to Nessa and she explains that she seeks a medicine chest that will help her tend to the wounded and sick there in the area. After speaking with Bestel, we learn that “There’s an island, a hop, skip, and a wade offshore of the Terraces. That’s where my Merry Gull ran aground.”. This is located within the Tidal Island. We must go there and bring it back to Nessa.

Unlike the majority of Wraeclast, Nessa is a shipwreck survivor, not a branded criminal – she lost her family in a wreck offshore and found herself stranded on the shores of Wraeclast.

If you grow found of Nessa, do not doubt yourself. You are in good company, as to many have fallen to her subtle nature. Soon you will find that in Act 6 you must rescue her from The Briny King himself. Only to find that you loose as well.

Bestel – Next, you meet the so called captain of the Merry Gull, Captain Bestel. He is one without a lick of poetry, but one with many drinks.







Tarkleigh – Finally, you meet Tarkleigh. The only man with any sense in this arena. He has taken it upon himself to be the de facto Father figure to each exile that enters Wraeclast through Lioneye’s Watch.








But there’s a whole lot more to what we call our first base of operations, Lioneye’s Watch. It was first founded by a general of the Eternal Empire, Marceus Lioneye. Marceus got his name, Lioneye, from the fact that he had a Virtue Gem placed in his left eye socket. General Marceus worked within the Eternal Empire in the slave trade of the Karui (Marauders in game) to the Oraith. And it was this race that defeated him during the Purity Rebellion. The Karui leader, Kaom, wore Marcus’s head as a trophy around his belt into many other battles.

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