Path of Exile – The Story of Brutus

BrutusBrutus is the first boss you encounter after reaching Lioneye’s Watch, all be it a side quest. After making your way down the coast and across the Mud Flats, you will find the Submerged Passage. After fighting your way through there, you find yourself fighting along “The Ledge”. At the end of The Ledge, you make your way in the lower dungeons of Axiom prison. Brutus was and for the most part, still is the warden of the prison. It is this prison that Tarkleigh would like for you to find a way around in the mission, “The Way Forward”. Not much is known of Brutus’, but there are bits and pieces spread through the items and dialogue of the game. So let’s see what we can find out about this monster of a man.

The Reign of Brutus

No one remembers exactly who built Axiom Prison was built, but we do know that it was built before the Vaal came to rule over Wraeclast. Throughout the ages, as the various tribes and clans came to power in Wraeclast, they have always locked their criminals deep within the walls of the prison. During the reign of the Eternal Empire, Brutus was it’s warden. While running the prison, no man escaped it’s walls and all men feared a term there. To say that Brutus ruled the prison with a mean streak is a vast over statement.

The Downfall

After guarding the prison for many years, Brutus began to become steadily more deranged and dangerous. He began to invite practitioners of dark, fel arts to The Prison to experiment on his captives, and eventually, in a desperate bid to extend his own waning life, he allowed them to experiment on him.

It was Shavronne of Umbra, student of Malachai, and her Necromancers that performed the rituals on Brutus. Shavronne actually convinced Brutus to have the rituals performed on him so that he may help guard the center of the Eternal Empire from the invading Karui, which had just taken over Lioneye’s Watch. Her plan proved pointless in two regards.

After days of filling the halls of The Prison with shrieking, during his transformation, he awoke to break free from his restraints and killed everyone in the room. Shavronne included. Upon getting word of the terrors that laid with The Prison, along with Shavronne’s death – the leader of the Karui could care less than the freedom of his people. High Templar Voll, on the other hand wanted Shavronne’s head. Since it had been taken already, he simply passed it by.

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