Honest Gaming Review Destiny 2 Beta

HYPE!!! It’s finally here. The sequel to Destiny has caused quite the stir within the community. So, with all the hype out there right now about Destiny I felt that what better group to give a review of varying opinions than our own FFC crew. Hold on tight everyone for a honest gaming review.

Bungie has put out a Beta that is chock full of little tidbits of information. I enjoyed digging into the possible secrets and figuring out the lore of the beta. Most of my time was spent just running around and looking at things and taking pictures. As far as the crucible, the pacing is something that will take some getting used to. I feel that with the weapons we were given lend itself to having a very set style of game play. Over all I’m looking forward to the game and learning the ins and outs.


First off, before I start – it should be noted that I’ve always been more of a fan of the solo aspects of Destiny. The Crucible is, to be blunt, one of my least favorite aspects of the game. This puts me in a difficult spot to provide feedback on a beta which is, for the most part, exclusively focused on the aspects of the game which I have never felt strongly drawn too.
That all being said, the work done for a beta here is outstanding. I can’t wait to see what they have done to the patrol environments in light of the changes that were done with the crucible.


Um, so the destiny 2 beta for me the story mission for the most part is the same in terms of how the story is told, as far as, you know, the cut scenes were nice looking, the weapons were shiny. I lot of people were dogging on the crucible, and I think I’m in the minority. The game rewarded more team oriented play. There were a lot of instances were 2 on 1 turned out the way you thought it should. For a lot of people they didn’t like that. they felt it was slow. The charge rates on the supers were slow. I didn’t mind that. If it were up to me I would have a game type that you only were able to kill with primary. Overall I’m looking forward to the game.

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