Grn’s Take: Stephen King's The Gunslinger.

If you know me at all you know that I personally hate horror movies. Hence the reason I have never ever read any of King’s books. This is in spite of many people throughout my life telling me that the Dark Tower series is unlike many of King’s books in many ways. Up until the book club’s vote I have 12 people tell me I need to read it. To be frank I did try to read the book twice and thus starts my actual review of the book.
The start of the Gunslinger is very stark, both literally and figuratively. King draws you into a story that could in some ways take place out in the wild west on our own world. He paints the characters in such a way that even though they are most certainly flawed they feel relatable. The issue I found both times I had tried to read it before is that I always felt as if I were missing something. When I would ask the guys in chat they all seemed to be a bit afraid of spoiling things by telling me what in the world is going on. So here is my one complaint/ comment about the book: You will not understand the deeper meaning of things that are going on. That is just the truth of it. This makes the book both intriguing as well as infuriating.
All of that being said, I feel this book really grew on me the further I got into the story. I would even go as far as saying I wasn’t terribly impressed until Roland talked about his coming of age story. Followed by becoming hooked at THE VERY END OF THE BOOK! The Gunslinger is an incredibly crafted first episode in this epic, but for a first time reader it is a difficult one to power through up until the very end.
If you have always heard that you need to read it. I would say, yes you should. As a Dark Tower initiate I can say that you will not regret pushing through to the end. Luckily we are covering the second book in the series in June so be sure to jump into chat to get help/encouragement to keep on reading this well crafted book.

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