Grn’s feelings on The Drawing of the Three

Book club for June was over Stephen King’s The Drawing of the Three. The deeper I dive into this world the more conflicted I feel emotionally about the series. A tweet posted on July 6th sums up my feelings perfectly at the moment.

In the Drawing, we follow Roland’s growth from being a solo character to being a character that not only accepts working with others but becomes dependent on the others. It starts shortly after Roland’s meeting with the Man in Black on beach. Due to an encounter with some rather nasty lobster like monsters, lobstrocities, Roland loses his right first and second finger. More pressing than that he contracts an infection from the whole event and begins to slowly die from the poisoning. Days after the attack he comes to the first door on the beach. On the door reads The Prisoner, one of the tarot cards that the Man in Black drew for him.
Like being birthed into life, The Prisoner, The Lady of Shadow, and Death all come into fruition through great tribulation, though this is not to say that their stories of coming are all the same. Quite contrary. Each of the drawing of the three is an exploration into a various psychological bindings. The first of which is addiction, followed by Schizophrenia, and lastly the mind of a serial killer.  It would be easy to assume that the way the King treats each of these characters to reflect his personal worldview on the perception of each of these. For example, the Addiction and Schizophrenia characters, Eddie and Deta/Odeta both not only overcome their situation with a little help from Roland, but also begin to engage with the world instead of being swept along in a canoe  on the sea of the world. Whereas Death, Mort, is used….. well I don’t want to spoil it.
Needless to say this series is like a finger trap. I am locked into it at the moment and the more I struggle with the concepts the more entrapped I become. As you can tell from the tweet I am already working my way through the Wastelands and look forward to chewing through that one as well.

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