GuardianCon 2019 – Lore Community Q&A

GuardianCon 2019 – Destiny Lore Community Q&A with Ishtar-Collective, MyNameIsByf, Focused Fire Chat, Myelin Games, & Beard Grizzly

As many of you are aware, this year offered the team over at Focused Fire Chat a chance to meet up with a number of the other names within the Destiny lore community to sit down on both an official panel as well as another opportunity to have a more informal Q&A session (again). We’ve included the video (kindly edited and uploaded by the amazing Baxter from over on Ishtar-Collective) below for your viewing pleasure, as well as a link to the 2018 Q&A, for those who might want to see where this “tradition” started.


For those who might not recognize the faces/voices on the video, they are, listed from left to right:

Additional thanks should be given to the following individuals as well, for their invaluable contributions to giving us the opportunity to make this:

  • Mal for lending us the amazing space to record in during the convention
  • AnonPig and Ryno-666 for their assistance in organizing the chaos of the community’s responses to our requests for additional questions
  • Erin, Jazzy, Unisys12, and Waferbaby for their assistance in helping filter down the responses to give us the list of questions discussed here.

In addition to the above informal Q&A that we had, as mentioned, we were honored to be joined on our panel by Jonathan To. Jonathan sits among the writers at Bungie, serving as leading creative on the characters of Lord Shaxx and the Drifter in addition to telling stories through linear gameplay activities.

A more detailed discussion on the creative processes of writing for Lord Shaxx and the Drifter can be found here at his talk at the Game Developers Conference.

I’ve included the panel video feed here as well, for anyone who would like to watch the archive again, or hasn’t had a chance to do so yet. 

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