Focused Fire Chat

Focused Fire Chat came into existence in October 2015 as a cross-community gathering where the intent was to offer a week long, in-depth view of a particular subject from within the Lore of Destiny.

This chat began every Tuesday morning and ran until the following Tuesday – with topics decided by the group via a poll that began every Friday and ended on the Tuesday morning of the new chat.

The idea quickly grew to encompass more than just Destiny – spanning to other game titles, book series, and even TV shows. And while the core chat still remains focused on Destiny in the original format, these other channels of interest grew as well.

Every Friday (usually around 10pm CST), the FFC Podcast team gets together to stream a recap of the previous week’s chat for those who are unable to participate over on Twitch.

Please note that there are different release/recording schedules for the podcast:

Regular Focused Fire Chat episodes are recorded live weekly & made available via various podcasting apps shortly afterwards

FFC: Extra Lore episodes are recorded live on the first Friday of each month & made available via various podcasting apps shortly afterwards

FFC: Behind the Scenes are recorded offline & made available via various podcasting apps as soon as possible

Show Notes

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