Show Notes – Let’s Chat 11 (Populating Game Worlds)

Join Blue, Green, JustInsane, and special guest co-host SirenaBesos for a casual conversation about their experiences and thoughts for creating the characters which fill game worlds – both player characters as well as non-player characters.


Summary of Episodes

When it comes to populating a fictional world – or story – where do you even begin? Join us as we chat about the different styles of world construction, storytelling, and our own experiences with this amazing mental exercise. 

And we ask you a very important question: Which side of the growing debate do you support? Team Tom….or Team Ted?

“Think of your character as a jewel that has about a thousand different facets. If you keep turning them over and exploring new sides, you’ll keep discovering new information about their personality and motivations. And there’s always another way to turn things. There’s always another side to explore.”

Lauren Sapala

Intro Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:15 | Introductions

0:02:45 | Getting to Know Our Guest: SirenaBesos

0:6:15 | Justin’s “Inquisition”

0:10:30 | Thoughts on D&D Confinements

0:16:45 | Creation of NPC’s in RPG’s

0:25:45 | Different Styles of Character Design Processes

0:35:30 | PC’s & NPC’s

0:42:45 | Preferred RPG System

0:51:00 | Shoutouts

Advanced Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:00 | Introductions

0:02:15 | Strategies of Building Game World Populations

0:12:30 | Designing Antagonists

0:19:30 | RPG Mechanics

0:23:45 | Character Development via Role Playing

0:27:15 | Building Fictional Characters in Writing

0:32:45 | Farmer NPC Tangent!

0:51:45 | Shoutouts

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