Defender Episode 94 Recap

Defenders embody this philosophy, literally becoming a wall against which the armies of the Darkness break. When people of the City think of Titans, it is the Defender that comes to mind. The Wall that keeps the dreams of the City alive and safe from the encroaching Darkness. On the battlefield, a Defender is a wall behind which her allies rally, a steadfast and sure warrior who will meet any challenge head on – and prove to be an immovable anchor for her fireteam. A Defender doesn’t form a wall. She is the wall. When she forms a Ward, she imagines the wall before her. She walks inside, wrapping it around her, donning the armor of the Light that it provides and absorbing any punishment. The Ward shrugs off her enemies fiercest weapons – and as the Walls hold back the Darkness, the Defender holds up the Light. 


  • Concept 1: What is a Defender?


      • Grimoire
      • Bounties  / Items / Missions / Quests
        • Attack and Defend
          • “Defenders train to personify both sword and shield at once.” —Commander Zavala
        • Slay Enemies
          • “When people of the City think of a Titan, they think of a Defender. As the Walls hold back the Darkness, the Defender holds up the Light.” —Zavala
        • Talk to Zavala
          • “A Defender’s Light has suppressive qualities other Guardians just can’t muster. Ask one along if you’re goin’ out for a delve. Never know what you’ll meet in the ill-traveled crags of the universe.” —Cayde-6
    • Concept 2: Who Are Defenders
      • Grimoire
      • Bounties  / Items / Missions / Quests
      • Ideas from Chat
        • Known
          • – Commander Zavala
            – Saint-14
        • Assumed
          • – Shaxx
            – Saladin
            – Silimar


  • Concept 3: Transformation into Sentinel


    • Ideas from Chat
      • Sun Tzu (See notes on Mind Map)
      • Paradigm Shift (See notes on Mind Map)
        • “Our Guardian shows this in that they are open to a paradigm shift via the evolution of the manifestation of the paracausal abilities of the Light. The Vanguard Mentors, however, show the paradigm paralysis in their inabiliyt to do the same when faced with the force of Ghaul and the drastic change he introduces to their world-view.”

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