Episode Recap 94: Bladedancers

These blades…they’re an extension of your arm, your reflexes, your Light..Bladedancers may lack the Striker’s strength, but even a Striker must admit the Bladedancers move at a velocity Strikers can only hope to match.You want to know fear? Face down a Bladedancer, all sharp edges and crackling death. Then you’ll know fear. You’ll see the Arc before you see the Bladedancer. And by then it’ll be too late. If Bladedancers seem a little unfair, it’s because there’s no honor in how the Bladedancer’s Arc  seeks out targets. There’s no room for honor in a fight, in the eyes of a Bladedancer. This beautiful lethality and relentless style of destruction is something they revel in.

In this episode the crew is joined by PurpleChimera from Ishtar Collective, the website that has made accessing the grimoire simply and quickly.  Purple, Baxter and the rest of the Ishtar Collective team has and will continue to gather and make accessible the lore of Destiny on their website.  You can follow PurpleChimera on twitter as @purplechimera.
Throughout the episode we discuss various aspects on the nature of the Bladedancer and as Byf likes to say, “Let’s start at the beginning.”


In the Atomic world, there are two fundamental forces that bind atoms together, and they are the Electromagnetic Force & Strong Force.
Because every atom is made up of protons and electrons, as well as Neutrons but they have a neutral charge. Protons and Electrons however have positive and negative charges. Protons have a positive charge, and Electrons have a negative charge. And as we know a positive and negative charge with both attract one another.


Hunters tend to be th Lone man, Just as deadly alone as he is in a group and prefers the solo treks.

Bladedancer and Arc Blade

Why is a hunter obsessed with the knife? The most readily answer to this is that they are efficiency embodied. A knife has multiple uses. The knife, or rather knives, that the Bladedancer looks similar to knives in the real world; a Bolo Machete, a Kukri Machete, and a standard Machete. Shortly after the discussion over the knives Justin explains how electrical current works and the difference between AC and DC (not AC/DC :P)

Items / Quests

Following the Grimoire breakdown the crew proceeded to do a “quick” dive into the subclass exotics. Each exotic has been discussed in full during the Hunter Exotic Armor episode 70, but Blue does a quick run down on one of his favorite lore connections with Mask of the Third Man and the Third Man Factor. The Third Man factor or Third Man syndrome refers to the reported situations where an unseen presence such as a spirit provides comfort or support during traumatic experiences.

  • Armor
    • Mask of the Third Man
    • Lucky Raspberry
    • ATS/8 Tarantella
    • Shinobu’s Vow

Every week we encourage our community to send us question or creation for the group to read and answer. This week’s contribution were from:

    • arcangel083 (Discord)
      • Do you guys think that with the invisibility perks, that they were the scouts?”
      • “What is an ability from another class or completely new, that you would want to have on a hunter?”
    • CobaltCam (Email)
      • “In the misson “cayde’s stash” cayde is perplexed that his Flux grenade didn’t detonate. We assume the vanguard have the ability to use all subclasses, do you think this shows however they may be more proficient with one subclass over the other. In cayde’s case gunslinger over bladedancer.
      • Second question: I know the Co hosts all play hunter. Do you prefer your main hunter subclass for a mechanics reasons, player fantasy, or both?”
    • Infestedpotatoe (Discord – Creation)

Thank you to all who sent us in questions and creations this week. If you have a question about the lore of Destiny feel free to message BlueCrew86 in Discord, email us at Focusedfirechat@gmail.com, or Tweet at us using the hastag #askffc. Until next time, Focus your fire and may your light shine bright. -Grn

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