Show Notes – Ep 200 (Update on Osiris)

This week, we sit down with special guest Taylor-B to discuss the updated information about the former Warlock Vanguard, Osiris.


Summary of Episodes

Knowledge can be acquired simply through mindless research of texts and the studies of others. True understanding requires one to ask hard questions and find answers to those questions. Osiris began asking hard questions and trying to find answers. This led him down a path which diverged him and other Guardians from their normal duties.

Join the team this week as we sit down with Taylor-B to look at the new information that we’ve gotten about this infamous Guardian and some possible thoughts on what it all means. 

Ghosts choose those suited to war and heroism to be reborn. By nature or circumstance they go to battle against the Darkness, and through this battle they learn how to use the Light. But Warlocks, by their nature, fight a second, internal war. This is the war to understand a universe of secrets – a world that expects Guardians to fight without full knowledge of what they are or what they might hope to achieve.

Grimoire Card: Osiris

Intro Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:15 | Introductions

0:02:15 | Getting to Know Our Guest: Taylor-B

0:12:15 | Community (?) Time

0:26:15 | So….About Osiris

0:40:00 | Shoutouts

Advanced Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:00 | Introductions

0:04:15 | Looking at Osiris’s Timeline

0:15:45 | Those Pesky Fidget Cubes

0:23:15 | Nightfalls (Another Tangent)

0:43:15 | Grn’s Spinfoil Theory (About Osiris)

0:48:45 | The Character of Osiris

0:59:30 | Taylor-B Lets Loose (Spinfoil Time)

1:02:45 | Shoutouts

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