Show Notes – Ep 194 (Last Days on Kraken Mare)

This week, we sit down with special guest WorthyD to discuss the lore book, Last Days of Kraken Mare.


Summary of Episodes

It is often said that everything eventually will come to an end – a phrase that more than summarizes this week’s topic. Within the entries of the Kraken Mare story, we are presented with not just the conclusion to the lives of those who fought of a life on the face of Titan, a moon boasting an inhospitable climate, but also the fall of the Golden Age of humanity. This week’s story discusses more than the fall of the New Pacific Arcology – alongside the destruction of those who stood in quiet defiance to the Clovis Bray way of doing business, we also witness the Collapse of a society built up on the premise of being more than we are currently.¬†

Mia gets a chill. She doesn’t know why she’s so certain that it’s over now, this calm enlightened goodness, this collective decency. But she is.

Last Days on Kraken Mare: The Tenth Avatar

Intro Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:15 | Guest Intro: WorthyD

0:03:00 | Getting to Know Our Guest

0:15:00 | Housekeeping Notes

0:16:30 | Looking at the Book

0:18:15 | Character Summary: David Miguel Korosec

0:22:15 | Character Summary: Morgan-2

0:25:15 | Character Summary: Mia van der Venne

0:26:30 | Character Summary: Shanice Pell

0:30:45 | The Presence of Rasputin

0:42:15 | Overview of the Entries

0:57:00 | Concluding Thoughts

0:59:45 | Shoutouts

Advanced Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:00 | Introductions

0:02:15 | Summary View of Entries

0:10:00 | Theories About Events

0:15:30 | Questions Answered

0:16:15 | Trivia from Entries

0:20:00 | The Cycle of Yugas

0:24:45 | Traveler’s Connection to Titan

0:27:15 | Knowledge of Titan

0:28:45 | A Look at the Tech

0:32:30 | Zen-Shura Training

0:35:15 | Noted Changes in Golden Age

0:38:30 | Significance of Names Dropped

0:43:45 | Various Terms Defined

0:44:30 | The Dangerous Data

0:46:30 | The Borehole

0:48:30 | Grn’s Thoughts

0:50:00 | Connections to Revelation

0:55:30 | Shoutouts & Concluding Thoughts

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  • Last Days on Kraken Mare¬†lore book (link)

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