Show Notes – Ep 191 (The Pigeon & The Phoenix)

This week, we sit down with special guest Trecheon to discuss the lore book, The Pigeon & The Phoenix.


Summary of Episodes

Every legend has a beginning – it was said that nothing is born strong. But just as seeds grow, so too do those who would take up the mantle of legends. Within the pages of The Pigeon & The Phoenix lore book, we are presented with a summarized overview of the growth of two such figures – the infamous duo of Saint-14 and Osiris. 

“I often think of the choices we make. Whether they are the right ones. Whether those we have lost would agree. I try to honor their memories.”

“There is no before or after, my son. We try, we doubt, we grow. It is all one path.”

Saint-14 & The Speaker of the Last Safe City of Humanity

Intro Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:15 | Guest Intro: Trecheon

0:04:15 | Getting to Know Our Guest

0:16:45 | Community Question from Blue

0:21:30 | Housekeeping Notes

0:23:00 | Overview of Topic

0:33:00 | Breakdown of Scenes within Book

0:42:45 | Notable Characters within Book

0:53:00 | Concluding Thoughts

0:59:15 | Shoutouts

Advanced Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:00 | Introductions

0:02:15 | The Plan of Attack

0:03:30 | Scene: Burden

0:08:15 | Scene: Moths to Flame

0:13:30 | Scene: Foundations

0:17:45 | Scene: Battle of 6 Fronts

0:35:45 | Scene: Following the Battle

0:43:00 | Scene: Margins

0:56:00 | Scene: Shepherd

0:58:45 | Scene: Politics

1:04:00 | Scene: Transient

1:08:45 | Scene: Blame

1:14:00 | Scene: Reunion

1:24:45 | Shoutouts

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Links Mentioned in Show


  • The Pigeon & The Phoenix lore book (link)
  • Vanguard Commander lore record (link)
  • The Accolade lore record (link)

Miscellaneous Links

  • Link for Guest Co-host (Trecheon)
  • Trecheon’s Archive of Our Own works (link)
  • Termino – Teaser Trailer (link)

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