Show Notes – Ep 189 (Eva’s Journey)

This week, we sit down with special guest SaintsWorkshop to discuss the lore book, Eva’s Journey.


Summary of Episodes

This is Eva Levante’s story of the events which took place during the Red War – something that offers a rare look at the world of Destiny from the eyes of a non-Guardian character. Eva’s experiences while living in the Tower, her exposure to the Guardian’s way of life and their own personal quirks, flavor her perception of the events – but they are still intimately her own. And her perspective is one which brings a new tone to the world we experience – because it is not presented through the lens of a god-slaying powerhouse, but the frail figure of an elderly woman who is trying to just survive and help those around her do the same.

So does that mean the Light is different now? Or are you?

Eva Levante

Intro Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:30 | Guest Intro: SaintsWorkshop

0:21:45 | Special Announcements from Blue

0:23:15 | Housekeeping Notes

0:24:45 | Overview of Topic

0:29:45 | Quotes from Eva

0:48:15 | Grn’s Spinfoil

0:58:15 | Shoutouts

Advanced Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:00 | Introductions

0:01:30 | Diving into the Entries

0:03:30 | Entry: Just Another Day at the Tower

0:06:30 | Grn Assessing Vocal Performance

0:11:00 | Entry: Loss of Light

0:15:30 | Entry: Hiding at Home

0:21:30 | Entry: The New Normal

0:26:15 | Entry: The Good Fight

0:28:30 | Entry: Last Day

0:30:30 | Entry: Caretaker

0:40:30 | Entry: Invisible Scars

0:44:30 | Entry: You Can Never Go Home Again

0:51:15 | Final Thoughts & Comments

0:53:00 | Shoutouts

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  • Eva’s Journey┬álore book (link)

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