Show Notes – Ep 187 (Aspect)

This week, we sit down with special guest (aka, Paige) to discuss the lore booklet, Aspect.


Summary of Episodes

The story of Praedyth. The adventures of the Ishtar Scientists who, after being freed from their simulated prisons, ventured back into the Vex network to explore. The tales of the Vex who dwell within the Black Garden – who once worshiped the Black Heart…and now seek to reignite it’s dark flame. 

These tales are, to a degree, interwoven – as presented within the pages of the lore booklet, Aspect. A beautifully written collection, the questions that are answered pale when compared to the intricately crafted implications and ramifications of our understanding of what motivates the Vex who have stepped up their assault recently within the universe of Destiny. 

The Vex understand time in a way we never will…We live in time. They use it as a tool.

Lore Entry: Atelic

Intro Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:30 | Guest Intro:

0:11:30 | Housekeeping Notes

0:13:15 | Who is Praedyth?

0:18:00 | Significance of the Black Garden

0:23:30 | The Ishtar Collective Teams

0:40:00 | Tevis

0:44:30 | Shoutouts

Advanced Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:00 | Introductions

0:02:00 | Opening Thoughts

0:03:15 | Naming of the Entries

0:06:30 | Entry: Realis

0:11:15 | Entry: Mirative

0:20:45 | Entry: Gnomic

0:35:30 | Entry: Epistemic

0:55:00 | Entry: Deontic

1:01:30 | Entry: Atelic

1:09:45 | Entry: Jussive

1:18:15 | Entry: Volitive

1:22:30 | Entry: Irrealis

1:29:15 | Final Comments & Shoutouts

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1 thought on “Show Notes – Ep 187 (Aspect)

  1. Amazing podcast. Talking about the Aspect lore book, I do believe that it is a foreshadowing indeed, for the Ishtar Collective and Praedyth appear in the game (Ishtar people maybe in a different way). It is very clear, since Warmind, that we are gathering allies for the great war that will come over us in the season 11. Rasputin, Ana Bray, Saint-14, Mithrax and the Fallen, Calus and the Loyalists, Osiris, all will converge to a clash with the Darkness, and Praedyth’s timeline knowledge will be fundamental in this war.

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