Show Notes – Ep 185 (Inquisition of the Damned)

This week, we sat down to chat with special guest Admiral Breezy about the information contained within the lore book, Inquisition of the Damned.


Summary of Episodes

Three siblings. An oath to endure whatever suffering lay before them to achieve survival. To many legacy players of Destiny, this story might sound familiar…yet this is a new tale – a story which takes place in a different place, a different time…and with a much different conclusion.

Where the progenitors of the Hive found salvation via a Faustian bargain with the Worm Gods under the waves of the Fundament, the siblings we learn of within Inquisition of the Damned fall short of their goal. Join this week’s discussion and remember – sometimes when sacrifices are made, they fall short of the desired outcome. Sometimes, the reward for one’s suffering isn’t quite what was desired. 

Let us be the liars and conspirators whose self-made truth topples stagnant, uninspired belief and births a new dynasty…Let us reap the just affliction of our suffering’s reward.

Malkanth’s Deadly Promise

Intro Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:45 | Guest Intro: Admiral Breezy

0:13:00 | PSA: Blue Can’t English

0:14:30 | Community Question

0:23:45 | Housekeeping Notes

0:25:15 | Summary of Discussion

0:35:00 | Daughters of Crota v the Siblings of the Swarm

0:40:00 | Overview of Book

0:44:45 | Crash Course Reminder of Sword Logic

0:48:15 | Shoutouts

Advanced Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:00 | Introductions

0:01:45 | Summary of Entries

0:03:30 | Entries: Of Tattered Blood & Broken Bone

0:10:00 | Entry: An Audience with Slaughter

0:11:30 | Entry: Ritualistic Circle Pit

0:16:15 | Concept of “As Below, As Above”

0:22:45 | Entry: Blood Sport

0:23:30 | Entry: A Sinister Plot

0:24:45 | Entry: Blood Sport

0:27:00 | Entry: The Severed & the Unmade

0:30:00 | Entry: The Unmaking

0:47:30 | Entry: Faith in Bone

0:55:30 | Entry: The Anti-Logic

1:08:00 | Final Comments & Shoutouts

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  • Inquisition of the Damned lore book (link)

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