Show Notes – Ep 183 (Crota Fireteam)

This week, we sit down to chat with special guest WykidJestr about the new information (and a brief recap on the old) that we’ve gained so far concerning the fireteam of Eriana-3 & Eris Morn.


Summary of Episodes

Following the Great Disaster of Mare Imbrium, a small expedition plumbed the depths of the Moon. The fireteam sought to put an end to the seemingly invincible Crota – led by Toland the Shattered. But they were all of them deceived…and not just by the Warlock who led them. This week, join the team as we sit down to chat about exactly what happened (and what is currently happening) on the Moon with special guest co-host, WykidJestr.

Let the Titans on their walls and towers look up at night to this glowing reminder in the sky that your Light fell below the surface. Let the moonlight fall on Hunters’ eyes through the canopies of the wilds, and guide the way of Warlocks searching their hidden paths. At night, let them look up and see, and let us be mourned.

Grimoire: Ghost Fragment (The Hellmouth 2)

Intro Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:30 | Guest Intro: WykidJestr

0:14:45 | Special Announcement: Mental Health

0:19:30 | Housekeeping Notes

0:21:00 | Introduction to the Fireteam

0:45:45 | Vell Tarlowe

0:48:30 | Sai Mota

0:50:30 | Omar Agah

0:53:00 | Eriana-3

0:55:00 | Toland the Shattered

1:06:30 | Concluding Thoughts

1:10:00 | Shoutouts

Advanced Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:00 | Intro

0:02:30 | Special Announcement: Mental Health

0:03:45 | Shadowkeep Updates to Fireteam Information

0:07:15 | Death of Eriana-3

0:20:30 | Eris Morn’s Ghost

0:24:00 | Death of Omar Agah

0:30:15 | Death of Sai Mota

0:40:45 | “Death” of Toland the Shattered

0:46:45 | Death of Vell Tarlowe

0:49:45 | Healing the Memories of Eris

1:05:15 | Final Comments & Shoutouts

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