Show Notes – Ep 180 (Revisiting the Darkness)

This week, we sit down to chat with special guest AnonPig about the Darkness – the infuriatingly mysterious topic within Destiny that is both central to the overall story, as well as one that has arguably some of the least information available.


Summary of Episodes

This week, the team sat down with AnonPig to chat about a topic long overdue, the mysterious concept known as the Darkness. Recalling information from Vanilla Destiny and discussing the various clarifying points made in recent lore releases, we speculate on the nature of the Darkness and its upcoming role in Shadowkeep.

Something hit us. Killed our Golden Age. Nearly wiped us out. Only the Traveler saved us, and at a shattering cost…

All we have left are questions. Centuries of debate gave birth to competing arguments on the nature of the Darkness and the Collapse

Grimoire Card: The Darkness

Intro Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:45 | Guest Intro: AnonPig

0:10:45 | Community Question

0:18:15 | Housekeeping Notes

0:20:00 | What is the Darkness?

0:45:15 | More than a Single Darkness?

0:47:45 | Concluding Thoughts & Shoutouts

Advanced Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:01:00 | Intro

0:02:15 | Calus’s Interaction with the Darkness

0:11:45 | The Drifter & Aspects of Darkness

0:17:45 | Eris & Spectrums of Light

0:21:00 | Comprehension of the Darkness

0:33:30 | Enemies in Shadowkeep

0:48:45 | Final Comments & Shoutouts

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Links Mentioned in Show



  • Grimoire Cards
    • The Darkness (link)
    • Ghost Fragment: Darkness (link)
    • Ghost Fragment: Darkness 2 (link)
    • Ghost Fragment: Darkness 3 (link)
    • Ghost Fragment: Darkness 4 (link)
    • Ghost Fragment: Oceans of Storms 2 (link)
  • Entries
    • Unfinal Shapes (link)
    • No Rez for the Weary (link)
  • Lore Books
    • The Chronicon (link)


Misc Links

  • Link for Guest Co-host (AnonPig)
  • FFC 2019 Shirts (link)

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