Show Notes – Ep 179 (Dangers of Gambit)

This week, we sat down with BigDaddyTeej to chat about the various dangers and consequences of our Guardians spending so much time playing with the darker powers found within Gambit.


Summary of Episodes

This week, the team sat down with BigDaddyTeej to chat about the various aspects of the Gambit situation within Destiny. In the process, we took a few side trips (looking at you, “Destiny Hoth”) and even learned a bit about Grn’s taste in music (spoiler: Teej and Grn have a great conversation over Taylor Swift). But, at the end of it all, this week’s discussion did come to agree on the necessity of the activity. It might not be the most pleasant or safe – but for those who seek a balance, sometimes it’s the darker paths that we have to walk in order to find the strengths needed to survive. 

The man called Drifter knows this. That man has done what past influencers could not: manipulate Guardians into dabbling with the dark.

Aunor Mahal

Intro Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:02:00 | Guest Intro: BigDaddyTeej

0:15:00 | Community Question

0:27:30 | Housekeeping Notes

0:30:00 | Intro & Summary of Gambit

0:32:00 | “Destiny Hoth”

0:33:45 | “Transmat Firing” Challenge from Teej

0:36:30 | Sending Wykid to the Corner

0:37:00 | Discussion over the Monoliths

0:47:45 | Concluding Thoughts & Shoutouts

Advanced Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:02:00 | Lost Lore: The Idea of Balance

0:11:00 | The Balance of Destiny in Drifter & Aunor

0:21:00 | The Dangers of Symmetry as a Theory

0:32:30 | The Dangers of Gambit

0:33:30 | Joxer and the Deaths in Gambit Prime

0:56:00 | The Concept of Gambit: Good or Bad for the System?

1:06:00 | The Debate over Uldren’s Death

1:12:30 | Final Comments & Shoutouts

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