Show Notes – Ep 176 (The Menagerie)

This week, we sit down to chat about the Menagerie, with a special guest, AFracturedWinky.


Summary of Episodes

A collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibition. A strange or diverse collection of people or things. These both are definitions (in our world) of the term “menagerie” – and both fall short in defining the encounter that our Guardians experience within the game-world of Destiny 2. 

An event that combines various raid mechanics with wave-based gameplay spanning throughout a number of newly unlocked rooms within the bowels of the Leviathan, the Menagerie presents not only a new style of play to the game, but also reveals some of what is hidden within the shadows of the Leviathan. Tasked by Calus to clear the rooms and fill the reforged Chalice of Opulence with the fruits of their victories, the Guardians do just that. However, one must ask: what is the price that we will pay for the gifts bestowed upon us within the halls of the Leviathan? What is the cost of growing fat with the strength of our kills in the name of the Emperor of the Cabal?

Restore the Chalice so that you may fill it to the very brim with the viscera of your enemies.

Emperor Calus

Intro Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:03:30 | Guest Intro: AFracturedWinky

0:12:30 | Community Question

0:25:00 | Housekeeping Notes

0:26:30 | Introductory Thoughts

0:31:00 | A Brief Look at the Chalice

0:43:30 | Basic Definition of “Menagerie”

0:54:45 | Concluding Thoughts & Shoutouts

Advanced Session
Discussion Timestamps

0:00:30 | Introductions

0:01:00 | Lost Lore: History of “Menagerie”

0:07:00 | Encounters within Menagerie

0:08:00 | The Lamp Lighting Encounter

0:09:30 | The Hunt Encounter

0:12:00 | The Gauntlet Encounter

0:14:00 | The Crystals Encounter

0:15:30 | The Riposte Encounter

0:17:00 | The Mockery Encounter

0:19:00 | The Arcborn Encounter

0:25:00 | Menagerie Bosses

0:33:30 | Another Look at the Chalice

0:39:00 | Menagerie Triumphs

0:46:30 | Chalice Runes

0:54:30 | Menagerie Weapons

1:03:00 | Concluding Thoughts & Opinions on Menagerie

1:14:00 | Final Comments & Special Request from Blue

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