Show Notes – Ep 172 (Hive Mythology)

This week, the team took a look at the overall mythology of the Hive, in light of the upcoming expansion of Shadowkeep as well as the new information that we have been given since our last foray into the topic. Joining us for this particular conversation is our good friend, JoPaWrites.


Summary of Episode

The Hive. For the most part, these creatures are what Guardians and the surviving members of Humanity view as the embodiment of the Darkness. But what do we really know about their ways of life? What secrets have we managed to, especially with the recent victories the Guardians have experienced, uncover and decipher? Let’s chat.


This is the pact to which I am bound, in particular by my study of the Tablets of Ruin, and by my use of the power of the Deep. When I call upon that power, I put myself up as the stakes in a wager, I gamble with my soul. For I am saying, listen, my gods, I am the mightiest thing there is, and I prove it thus.

– Books of Sorrow, Verse 5:8 – Wormfood

Discussion Timestamps

  • 0:02:00 | Guest Intro: JoPaWrites
  • 0:08:00 | Community Question of the Week
  • 0:20:00 | Special Announcement
  • 0:23:00 | Opening Notes
  • 0:25:00 | Lost Lore: Hive Language
  • 0:33:00 | Archives of Conversations about Hive Mythology
  • 0:35:00 | A “Simple” Explanation
  • 0:40:30 | Let’s Start at the Beginning
  • 0:51:00 | Looking at the Worm Gods
  • 0:56:30 | Bias of the Hive
  • 1:00:00 | Different Perspectives on the Hive
  • 1:06:30 | The Question of Necromancy
  • 1:17:30 | Shadowkeep’s Potential
  • 1:34:30 | Final Comments & Shoutouts

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Links Mentioned in Show

Grimoire / Lore Entries

  • The Books of Sorrow (link)

Misc Links

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  • Listing of Lightbearers (link)
  • Listing of Code Translations (link)
  • FFC 2019 Shirts (link)

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