Show Notes – Ep 170 (The Symmetry)

This week, the team walked through the information that we currently have pertaining to the Symmetry. Joining us for this particular conversation is our good friend, WykidJestr. Fair warning that we go on a few tangents with this particular episode – where previously we’d been given maps of the conversations through the lore books, this particular topic is mostly gathered through various entries and item flavor text.


Summary of Episode

The Symmetry. A group of individuals who questioned whether, ultimately, Light was enough to protect ourselves from the threats that lurked within the universe. A philosophy dedicated to the idea that there wasn’t a situation in which Light would “win” the war that it claimed to hold against the Darkness – that the conflict between the Light and the Dark was something far, far more complex. Ulan-Tan was a prominent name when discussing this particular philosophy – but what do we know about him and this group?


To have Light, we must have Dark. This is the symmetry of the Universe.

– Ulan-Tan

Discussion Timestamps

  • 0:06:30 | Guest Intro: WykidJestr
  • 0:12:00 | Community Question
  • 0:25:00 | Opening Notes
  • 0:28:00 | Basic Introduction & Summary
  • 0:41:30 | The Threat of Ulan-Tan
  • 0:54:00 | Connections to the Concept of “Flow”
  • 2:00:00 | Final Comments & Shoutouts

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Links Mentioned in Show

Grimoire / Lore Entries

  • The Symmetry (link)

Misc Links

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  • Listing of Code Translations (link)
  • FFC 2019 Shirts (link)

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