Show Notes – Ep 169 (Truth to Power)

This week, the team walked through the entries from the lore book, Truth to Power – a collection of entries that cause as much confusion as contention within the Destiny community, it seems. Joining us as well was our good friend, Kole, of Bad [Redacted] Jokes infamy – her mission was to break Blue’s brain with her own spinfoil.


Summary of Episode

We receive this series of entries from an entity who initially claims to be Eris Morn, but then proceeds to spin a web of half-truths and even forthright lies, in the revelation of information that is claimed to be concerning the underlying truth of the events taking place within the Dreaming City. Connected to the three-week time loop that we, as players and Guardians, experience while interacting with this secretive location of the Awoken of the Reef, the entries do seem to, in some small way, hold truths concealed within the fabrications. The challenge is, which ones are which?

Ultimately, this question is also addressed by the figures within the entries – revealing the conceptual source of another of the Hive Siblings power. The idea of IMBARU, the supposed source of Savathun’s power, goes a long way in both explaining the in-game events as well as a nice nod by the writers towards the habitual obsessing over the information we’re given as players by the lore community.


“I can only slip these letters into the Queen’s gifts when the stars are right. You will have to wait for my next, and with it, the beginning of the truth. But I swear to you, on whatever trust I’ve earned in your mind, that at the end of my story, you will know who I truly am.”

Message from Unknown Sender

Discussion Timestamps

  • 0:03:45 | Special Announcement
  • 0:10:30 | Opening Notes
  • 0:13:00 | Summary Introduction of Book
  • 0:19:30 | Entry Summary: Is it you?
  • 0:34:00 | Entry Summary: Will you smile?
  • 0:50:00 | Entry Summary: Medusa
  • 0:58:15 | Entry Summary: Thetis Brave
  • 1:12:00 | Entry Summary: act|choose|react
  • 1:25:30 | Entry Summary: Injection
  • 1:34:30 | Entry Summary: Thank you
  • 1:50:00 | Entry Summary: YOU MUST
  • 1:55:45 | Entry Summary: react|choose|act
  • 1:57:00 | Entry Summary: asudeM
  • 2:02:00 | Entry Summary: It’s just me.
  • 2:03:00 | Thoughts on Book
  • 2:29:30 | Final Comments & Shoutouts

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Links Mentioned in Show

Grimoire / Lore Entries

  • Lore Book: Truth to Power (link)

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