Show Notes – Ep 167 (Dust)

This week, the team took a more conversational approach to the lore book, Dust. Be ready for a few tangents involving dark matter and other space-related topics, some philosophical musings from Blue, and a lot of H.P. Lovecraft. Like a lot. Blame Beard.


Summary of Episode

The book of Dust is primarily about the character Lavinia, a cryptarch who makes a wish on an Ahamkara bone and gets more than she bargains for. Join us this week as we chat about that and a number of the implications that the information contained and revealed with this particular set of lore entries.  

“With a horror of revelation so absolute that it would drive her mad if she still had sanity to lose, Lavinia understands where the Nine have always been.”

The Nine

Discussion Timestamps

  • 0:04:30 | Community Question / Debate
  • 0:13:00 | Opening Notes
  • 0:15:00 | Lost Lore: Dark Matter
  • 0:33:00 | Meaning Behind a Name
  • 0:34:30 | Connections to H.P. Lovecraft
  • 0:44:30 | Summary of Entries
  • 1:01:30 | Importance of Dust & the Red Box
  • 1:21:30 | Questions About the Nine
  • 1:31:00 | Connections Between Ahamkara & the Nine
  • 1:44:00 | Final Comments & Shoutouts

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Links Mentioned in Show

Grimoire / Lore Entries

  • Lore Book: Dust (link)

Misc Links

  • Beard’s Youtube Discussion on Lovecraft (link)
  • Listing of Lightbearers (link)
  • Listing of Code Translations (link)
  • FFC 2019 Shirts (link)

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