Show Notes – Ep 166 (The Warlock Aunor)

This week, the community question segment ran long due to a great debate, so Blue cut the intro notes and jumped directly into the meat of the episode. The team took a more conversational approach to the debates around the character detailed within this week’s lore topic, the Warlock Aunor – a lively topic, as the team themselves are divided a bit on where everyone stands in regards to not just the Praxic Warlock herself, but the overarching choices presented to players within the Allegiance Quest.


Summary of Episode

Pardon the team this week, but we took a little time to speak to a few current events both in and out of game. If you prefer to skip this commentary, please feel free to skip to 34:30 on the episode. Thanks, as always, for giving us your ear and we would love to hear any of your thoughts, concerns, or questions!

Which side are you on? This was a recent question that the community of Destiny 2 was asked in game – and the choices given were the side of the Drifter and the newly titled Dredgens or that of the Vanguard, represented by the Warlock Aunor of the Praxic Order. Needless to say…people were divided. Opinions were forged and sharpened against those across the aisle. 

No matter the side you chose – it is always a good thing to know your representatives. So let’s take a look at the Warlock who dared to question not just the Drifter and his intentions, but the intentions of our own Guardian – the Hero of the Red War.  

“Aunor is one of the Hidden, a covert group of Guardians who gather sensitive intelligence. You’ve heard rumors that they’re embedded on just about every active Vanguard front, including the Tower.”

A Message of Solidarity

Discussion Timestamps

  • 0:04:00 | Current Events Comments
  • 0:34:45 | Community Question / Debate
  • 0:54:45 | Lost Lore Recap
  • 0:58:30 | A Basic Overview
  • 1:03:00 | Perception’s Role
  • 1:27:45 | The Many Facets in Play
  • 1:34:30 | Narrative Preview’s Presentation
  • 1:44:45 | First Impressions
  • 2:00:30 | Final Comments & Shoutouts

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Links Mentioned in Show

Grimoire / Lore Entries

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  • Listing of Code Translations (link)
  • FFC 2019 Shirts (link)

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