Show Notes – Ep 163 (Ghosts & Their Guardians)

This week, join Green, Beard, and Blue as they explore the mysterious relationship between a Ghost and their Guardians within the Destiny Universe. Prepare for some diving into spinfoil on the latter half of the episode with Beard and Blue – Green sets them up and then lets them go while she manages this week’s live chat.


Summary of Episode

Described as a sapient drone, these small robotic entities are believed to have been created by the Traveler shortly following the Collapse. Their mission seems to be the location, resurrection, and general support of individuals who hold within them the ability to wield the Light as a weapon. This support is performed in their serving as a companion, librarian, mechanic, scout, and medic – they have the ability to do far more than just open doors.

In many cases, Ghosts and their Guardians form a bond that transcends mere friendship – something that stems from their relationship literally being capable of lasting beyond death.

“Every Ghost is born knowing that we have to find our Guardian. We don’t know what they look like. Not on the outside, anyway. On the inside, I’d always known who you were. And that together, we could be something more.”

Ghost of The Guardian

Discussion Timestamps

  • 0:04:15 | Community Question
  • 0:10:15 | Introductory Notes
  • 0:12:15 | Lost Lore: Neurological Symbiosis
  • 0:15:45 | A General Look at Ghosts
  • 0:19:15 | Known Ghosts and Their Guardians
  • 1:06:00 | Spinfoil: The Traveler’s Plans
  • 1:37:00 | Final Comments & Shoutouts

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Links Mentioned in Show

Grimoire / Lore Entries

  • Lore Book: Ghost Stories (link)

Misc Links

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  • Listing of Code Translations (link)
  • The Destiny Show (link)
  • Beard’s Analysis of Cayde’s Stash Mission Dialogue (link)

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