Show Notes – Ep 161 (Letters From a Renegade)

This week, join Green and Blue as they explore the entries presented to us during the events from The Draw – the exotic quest that gained our Guardians the Last Word in Destiny 2.


Summary of Episode

One of the set of letters from Shin Malphur to our own Guardian, this book contains a host of secrets revealed and questions answered. And it poses the ultimate question for us to consider:

  • Who do we claim to be?
  • Who do we hope to be?
  • Have we stopped to consider how the ripples of our choices, our answers to those questions expand outwards, touching and changing the lives of those around us?

Discussion Timestamps

  • 0:08:15 | Introductory Notes
  • 0:12:00 | Lost Lore: Choices
  • 0:25:30 | Summary of the Letters
  • 0:31:00 | 1: An Introduction to Consequence
  • 0:37:30 | 2: For Fear of the Conquering Hero
  • 0:49:15 | 3: A Fire Inside
  • 1:06:30 | 4: Something New
  • 1:24:15 | 5: Echoes Followed by Silence
  • 1:32:30 | 6: A Gift and a Touch of Gray
  • 1:36:00 | Concluding Thoughts
  • 1:50:00 | Final Comments & Shoutouts

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Links Mentioned in Show

Grimoire / Lore Entries

  • Information on Shin Malphur (link)
  • Lore Book: Letters From a Renegade (link)

Misc Links

  • Listing of Lightbearers (link)

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