Alright everyone.
In celebration of the 100th episode of Focused Fire Chat, we’re going to be giving away a digital copy of Destiny 2 – either Playstation or Xbox. You might be already thinking, but Blue, what about those of us who already have a copy of the most awesome game coming out this year pre-ordered? Do not worry, my friends! We are going to add in the qualifier that, if the winner so wishes, they will be able to instead get a shiny digital gift card for their console of choice in the amount of $60.
So. How do you enter? We’re going to make it as easy as possible – all we need is for everyone interested to:

  • Submit a review of the podcast on iTunes
    • The way we’re going to track this is, in that review, make sure to include:
      • Your Discord user name (this is how we’ll be getting in touch with you)
      • #FFCD2
    • Please be sure to have the review in by Monday, September 4th, 2017 – as sometimes iTunes takes a little bit to get those posted (you can also feel free to DM me a screenshot of your submitted review if you want to make sure that you get entered into the giveaway)
    • Please note you are not being required to submit anything particular, but we would truly appreciate feedback on anything that we can do to make the show better or your letting us know why you like us just the way we are.

Once we have the names, I’m going to plan on Periscoping the selection of the winner by having the names listed on a spreadsheet and pulling a random number off a random number generator site to choose the winner. I hope to do that the evening of Thursday, September 7th and then we’ll announce the winner on the 100th episode on Friday, September 8th.
If you have any questions on this, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a DM over on Discord or on Twitter.
With that being said, Focus your Fire and may your Light shine bright, Guardians.
Blue out.

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