Ep 142: Dispatch from Seraph-17

Dispatch received from Seraph-17 for Episode 142 of Focused Fire Chat


Cayde-6 is without a doubt in my mind, my favorite character in Destiny right next to my own Ghost and Guardian. I mean hell, I wanted to get my Sweet Business and could never get it, I did flashpoints for Cayde and he gave me my Sweet Business AND my Helm of Saint-14. Best part about it? He said-
“You’re my favorite, Shush. Don’t tell anyone.”
Yes I know he’s said the quote a million times but at that moment it was special. Made me so happy to finally complete the Titan beta set thanks to Cayde.
Before I drag this on for too long I must say this.
I would always go to the Cosmodrome and into the plane graveyard and sit on a wing of a plane there. I would look at the Stars and give them names to lost guardians. Saint-14, The Brays, even my old Fireteam. I went there again a few weeks ago and my friends agreed on giving a entire star constellation to Cayde, Andal, and his son Ace.
Orion’s Belt, which contains the North Star, we gave to Cayde. The two others are Andal and Ace.
So if you’re ever lost, look up into the night sky and find the North Star. Cayde will be still guiding you Sly Hunters, Clever Warlocks, and me and my fellow powerful Titans through it all.
“Forget Winning, Shoot for the stars, Guardian. Or just shoot a lot. The Winning will come.” ~ Cayde-6 ♠️



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