Ep 122: Dispatch

Dispatch received from Taylor-B- for Episode 122 of Focused Fire Chat


Hey FFC! Just listened to the Exo/AI episode. Awesome show! And I love how you went into the exo-copy theory! Double sleeving I think you called it? I’ve thought that made perfect sense for a while. Iirc if ~1-2% of the entire human population were suited or trained for war, there’s no way they’d be able to mount a defense on earth let alone the solar system. But if you can make copies of them, copies you could mass produce even, suddenly the field becomes much more playable. But your addition about the etched numbering on exos is even better! If the number changes as resets occur why would it be etched? My thoughts exactly.
That being said it made me wonder something; would an Exo only have the “human” operating system or is there a portion of an exo’s drives that it can’t access?  For the most part, I actually think they’re run on the human OS based on what we know. Exos can “eat” and get “drunk,” right? While what they’re eating and what they’re physically processing might be wholly different than a traditional human’s diet would be, it sounds like the functions are the same. I think there’s a logic to the idea- they’re using a human psyche to operate the exo frames, but unlike those operated by the Ishtar Collective these psyches exist only inside the exo-frame(in other words, they aren’t remoting in).
They’d have all these things going on in their human brain’s background. If you have to have those “systems” processing in the background because you wanted to load in a human psyche, why not give them something useful to do? For example: They don’t need to drink, but they need to refuel. So why not make fuel something they drink and have it activate the same reward centers of the brain? It makes sense and it’s a rather elegant solution if you ask me.
But how do they determine how many exo-copies they can make? And why do the higher numbered exos seem to be less coherent(I’ll say anyway:) than those with lower numbers? Well, it’s something else you mentioned earlier in the same episode that I think answers the question. Mind Forking.
When the Ishtar Collective resorted to mind forking, they showed that the more forks they used, the more fatigued and noticeably changed they’d become. Mind Forking, is generally accepted as a path to increasing one’s ability to solve complex problems right? But what if those brilliant Ishtar scientists were approaching the idea by making copies of themselves to work with? Maybe they got the idea from the Vex copies they encountered, but who can say. But if they were making copies, where else do we see the kind of fatigue and strain the Ishtar scientists who dabbled in Mind Forking? In exos. In particular, Banshee-44 is probably the best example.
So, if they’re running a human psyche OS is there anything else running in the background? I still think there is. The Deep Stone Crypt for example or whatever process allows Rasputin to control one of “his” exos. I started writing about what that might entail and almost sent you an email packed with routing/network theories that might be better left for another day lol. 
Anyway, I really dig the episode and would love to hear what you guys think/hear the show delve further into the subject.
Sorry for the wall of text!



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