Destiny Universe and Dimensions Episode Recap

A universe. Is it merely a collection of the solar systems which comprise it’s physical makeup? Or is there a chance, a glimmer of possibility that there lies something more…something deeper (and maybe darker) within the boundaries of the concept.
The world of destiny is complex. We have been to multiple dimensions and heard about others. In the Books of Sorrow we learn about 2 different types of planes: Throne worlds which is also called the sword realm or Ascendant Plane and a Wound Space . From one of these wound spaces we get the Vex who sprung forth into our material plane thanks to the ignorance of Crota. Or is the world of destiny much simpler than all of that. Are we just part of a pluralistic battle between light and dark? What is the meaning of the universe?… I mean Destiny’s universe not ours, but maybe they aren’t too different after all.
Once you start digging into the grimoire you realize that there really isn’t any card  that completely and exclusively talks about the universe and its dimensions. There are, though, many cards that have a line here or there that mention aspects of our universe in game. If you would like to look at these various cards I would encourage you to look at the mindmap for this episode. 
So, if we don’t have a lot of grimoire how do we start? In the episode Blue and I started with discussing the differences between pluralism and dualism in regards to universal forces. We both agree that Destiny is much more than just a basic good vs evil dualistic style of universe. 
Once this was established we started to delve into the various theories that are out there. The most agreeable theory was one created by cpt kex on Reddit. A very brief explanation of this theory is that the void,  the same place where nightstalkers, defenders, and voidwalkers draw power from, is also the realm or dimension in which the ascendant realm, vex wound, and Crota’s thrones realm all reside. Kex does a very good job laying out an argument with grimoire cards that depict this concept. 
One quick note before we to much further. A universe and dimensions are distinctly different from one another. A easy way to think of it is to view the Universe as a cake and that the dimensions are the layers within that cake. This being said, the universe of the void lies somewhere deeper than our own. Roland describes this in Ghost Fragment Hellmouth. Within that void realm lies the ascendant realm where Oryx and his sisters have their throne realms. This whole concept is very “Shrek” like. 
The rest of the episode is spent discussion various ideas that help support and flesh out the theories. A few of these are a discussion of the Merchant and Alchemists Gate, and String Theory. Be sure to listen to the episode and feel free to comment or email us with any questions or suggestions about the episode. 

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