Dialogue & Quotes: Lord Shaxx

  • Find your spot, line up your shot, wait for the right moment…perfection.
  • You showed them.
  • Timing is everything.
  • The best defense is absolute offense.
  • Denying resources to your enemy is a victory unto itself.
  • Your opponents can’t hit what they can’t see.
  • I like to reward those who encourage their team by example.
  • If your enemy is out of formation, they give you license to crush them.
  • The key to victory is momentum.
  • Instinct tells you to cherish victory, but defeat holds all the lessons.
  • The team that succeeds together tends to continue doing just so.
  • Exposing your team to different scenarios is key to building flexibility and improvisation in combat.
  • I trust you are prepared, Hive Slayer. Source
  • Something bad is coming down on the moon. Source
  • Tough world out there, Guardian. Source
  • Yeah, well good for her. Source
  • Yeah, well, screw ’em. Source
  • Ha ha ha ha. You look ready, Hive Bane. Source
  • Hey. Earn your honor if you want it from me. Source
  • Honor is earned. Source
  • Are you ready? Source
  • Gawk all you want, Hive Bane. You deserve it. Source
  • Glory comes easy when you have allies you can trust. Source


  • The City’s Factions all have their own agendas, independent of the Vanguard. Political scum. But even I have to admit, they have resources that could prove useful to fledgling competitors of the Crucible.
  • The Darkness has no single form or appearance. Only its function remains the same: terminating us. The Crucible match types are my best shot at preparing Guardians for what’s out there. It’s been enough. So far.
  • I don’t care if a Guardian’s effectiveness comes from speed, strength, or Light. The struggle is the same for all of us in the Crucible.
  • This is why we have Crucible arenas across the system. Eyes always up.
  • It can be easier out there than it is here with the Crucible veterans. And me.
  • What you’ll get out of the Crucible will come from what you put into it.
  • There’s a direct correlation between success in the Crucible and victories against the Darkness.
  • There’s no secret to success in the Crucible. Build a Fireteam you can trust.
  • The Crucible rewards persistence.
  • Those who distinguish themselves in large-team combat are the ones who become leaders in the field. A valuable trait, indeed, and one the Crucible readily rewards.
  • In the fires of the Crucible, a Guardian watching your back can be the difference between glorious victory and agonizing defeat.
  • Using a Sparrow in the Crucible…It’s a bold move. I like bold moves.
  • The Crucible isn’t just training and spectacle. We use live rounds. Winning a match is winning a battle in the truest sense.
  • It’s competition. It’s the Crucible way.
  • The Crucible offers a bevy of match types, all of which prominently feature live ammunition.
  • Give the roster. Lemme see what they’ve got. Source
  • Honor is earned. In the Crucible. Source
  • Ok. Tally it up. Source
  • They’re not ready. Let them keep fighting. Source
  • Yeah, they’re good. Move them up the ladder. Source
  • Yeah. He’s good. The Traveler picked a winner there. Source
  • You want the Crucible? I AM the Crucible. Source

Game Types

  • Engage and execute all targets!
  • Teamwork is critical in a Clash match. A kill with your teammate ensures your target isn’t getting up, and gives at least one of you the chance to remain standing. I instituted the policy to reward such tactics, and I intend for you to use them against the Darkness.
  • Show me you can excel in pure combat. No points to capture. No Rifts to ignite. No tactics here but the ones that will get you out alive.
Combined Arms
  • Honor is earned, not given. So earn it.
  • Capture and defend, Guardians!
  • Take the zones and hold them. And please – for my sanity – don’t overextend. Two zones is plenty.
  • Control matches keep Guardians familiar with capturing and holding territory. We’ll be ready when the time comes to take back what we lost to the Darkness.
  • They can’t take the zone if they can’t get near it. Keep it that way.
  • Difficult to hold on to more than two control points at once, even for me. But do what you want. Just don’t ask me to pick the bullets out of your armor when you get routed.
Crimson Doubles
  • Look after your Crimson Bond. No one else will back you up in Crimson Doubles.
  • Certain ammo types are more readily available than others. Crimson Doubles won’t afford you many chances to go looking. You would do well to leverage what you have.
  • Every year the Tower celebrates the Crimson Days. The Crucible does, too. We’re a little louder about it.
  • The Crimson Doubles is a celebration of the feats a Fireteam of two can accomplish. Go. Show me.
  • A competent Fireteam moves as one in Crimson Doubles.
  • What started as a Warlock training drill has become an exercise in area assault. One day we’ll weaponize these Rifts and Sparks. Count on it.
  • Most Guardians consider Rift a game. The Warlocks see it as a kind of exercise in concentration. But Zavala and I have very high hopes for what will be born from Rift matches.
  • I don’t know who was the first Guardian to detonate their Light, but I would love to shake their hand.
  • Progress is good! Igniting the Rift is better.
  • There’s nothing more relieving than seeing an opposing Spark burn out.
  • I encourage you Guardians to work together, to fight as one. It’s how you come home intact. But there’s no one to trust in a Rumble match. And I’ll admit it – it’s the Rumbles where I truly come alive.
  • The Salvage match simulates Golden Age relic acquisition. Succeed here and Hunters will be begging for you to watch their backs during a plunder.
  • There’s something so personal about small-scale battles. It’s in Skirmish that rivalries become battles of Thorns and Last Words.
  • It’s a battle for glory. Savor it.
  • Every Guardian has a Crest. That crest speaks to their skill. It speaks to the proud lineage of their class. It represents their glory. So take it, and protect your own.
  • What do a Warlock, a Hunter, and a Titan all have in common? They can be beaten, and their glory can be taken. Don’t let it happen to you.
Zone Control
  • Only one path to victory, Guardians!
  • Never surrender, Guardian. Ever. There is always a way to glory.
  • Everyone dies, Guardian. What matters is what you do after that.
  • A Fireteam that supports itself can fight indefinitely, to our enemies’ chagrin.
  • There is no one – nothing, rather – who can stop Guardians who support their allies.
  • Sometimes, an individual can eclipse the Fireteam. It’s good. Makes the others see how it’s done.
  • A Titan uses Void to shield, a Hunter uses it to hide and a Warlock uses it to take. All valid techniques.
  • Sometimes I like to push Guardians out of their comfort zones, force them into unfamiliar matches for greater rewards. They hate and love me for it.


  • The Arc Blade movement represents a Bladedancer’s top speed, which she can only maintain for so long. As with many Light-based techniques, timing is everything.
  • The Bladedancer’s interpretation of Arc Light is a reflection of the Hunter herself. Seeking targets to sink Light – or a knife – into.
  • There’s no honor in how the Bladedancer’s Arc Light seeks out targets. And they revel in it.
  • Smoke is just another way for a Nightstalker to say he’d prefer you didn’t stand so close to him.
  • A Nightstalker’s Shadowshot capitalizes on opponents standing too close together. The seasoned Nightstalker can scatter her enemies on threat of Shadowshot alone, opening them up to all manner of unrelated hazards.
  • I’ll say it because Cayde never will. Gunslingers are elitists. Nothing but the best is good enough for their hands. And firepower isn’t enough. They demand elegance, as if there’s anything elegant about a gun. If they had their way, Golden Guns would be standard issue. What a universe that would be.
  • You want another story about the Twlight Gap? Ana Bray, the Hunter. We all dug deep that day. We all touched the Light in ways we never thought we could. Or should. Ana, though. When she fired the Gun, where her Golden blasts hit home, she left behind the pools of light. Like splashes of sunlight that burned and burned.


  • Even a Striker’s charge lacks this kind of stopping power.
  • Cayde and Ikora have it all wrong. It’s not that Strikers have a death wish. They throw their bodies at incoming fire so others won’t have to. It’s also the most direct line to a target.
  • They say a Fireteam of Defenders can hold any fortification, and that a group of Strikers can bring it crashing to the ground. Who said that? I did. It’s true.
  • I never thought I would see a Hammer of Sol hurtling through the Crucible again. I’m glad it’s in hands as capable as yours, Titan. Don’t disappoint me.
  • The Sunstrike from a seasoned Sunbreaker turns Martian sand into red glass. Aimed at a Vex chassis or Cabal armor, the result is devastating.
  • I’d love to get Zavala back in the Crucible. Teach the new breed how it’s done. Source


  • Ikora’s gift for the Light is like few I have ever seen. Source
  • Warlocks might be thinkers, but most I know can hold their own. Source
  • A holstered weapon is useless.
  • Control the burst to control the weapon.
  • Keep a steady hand and it’ll do the rest.
  • Such weapons are short on spectacle, but they’re reliable.
  • Fusion Rifles require skill, but the results are well worth the effort.


  • Your Void Edge is strong, but we can make it stronger. I’ll need relic crystals, found within relic iron on Mars. And meanwhile, you must practice your Void powers.
  • A scrap of ragged steel will cut down weeds. A sword such as this demands worthier challenges.

Precision Firearms

  • With a good scope, you could perform surgery.
  • Precision shooting is an art, and no matter what the Hunters say, no one has a monopoly on the technique.
  • There is a precision in speed. The slightest shift can result in victory…or end in disaster.
  • A Scout Rifle is a precise weapon. It’s not about who pulls the trigger first. It’s who puts their shot in the right place.

Heavy Weapons

  • Stop and think before you run for the heavy ammo. Is it worth the risk?

Dead Orbit

  • Dead Orbit’s up to something. I don’t know what they’re planning, but their agents are fond of pulling Guardians aside, whispering to any who will listen. They want nothing to do with the Traveler, and if it were up to them, nothing to do with the Tower.
  • Well Dead Orbit isn’t calling the shots. I am. Source

Future War Cult

  • The Future War Cult claims they’ve been around since the end of the Golden Age. They say they’ve been ready for the war against the Darkness since before the Tower. Right. And I suppose the Collapse happened because they allowed it.
  • FWC is getting antsy. They must be preparing for something. Source

New Monarchy

  • Tell the Monarchy, they’ll have to wait. Source
  • I’ve yet to meet a Hive I couldn’t crush with a well-aimed strike. I don’t imagine the Taken are any different.
  • Samples from the Dreadnaught environment will shed more insight on the Hive and Taken. They’ve already taken the Moon, slaughtered countless innocents. We need ways to defend against them, ways to destroy them.
  • The Dreadnaught is vast, and its very nature is Darkness. If you’re going there to hunt, beware – you will also be hunted.
  • When Guardians patrol, finding enemy foot soldiers out of position is helpful. Catching their leaders in the same way…that’s a beautiful thing.
  • Armies of the Darkness have crumbled while trying to take positions fortified by Defenders. Exhaustion and broken morale can be deadlier than any weapon.
  • You want to take on the Cabal? You’ve gotta train, or they’ll stomp you flat. Source

Additional & Expanded Notes

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