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Valkyrian Armor

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Released: Destiny 2 : Season of Worthy

Rarity: Legendary

Category: Armor

Other SubCategory: Seasonal Armor Ornament

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There is also a connection between Seraphs and the Valkyries as Angelic symbols.

Definition Summary

Valkyrian: “of the Valkyries”, angels in Norse mythology who chose warriors from the battlefield and took them to Valhalla, the hall of the slain.

In Norse mythology, a Valkyrie is one of a host of female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live. The Wings of a Valkyrie signify protection, truth and purity in one’s soul. Veritas animus, originally from Norse mythology, meaning each of Odin’s twelve handmaidens who conducted the slain warriors of their choice from the battlefield to Valhalla

The Valkyries of Norse mythology were women of vast prestige and power. One of the few factions of warrior women from ancient lore recognized as having any power over the mortal realm, the Valkyries were responsible for choosing and guiding roughly half of those who fell in battle into the afterlife hall of the slain, Valhalla, ruled over by the god Odin. 

When seen by the male soldiers on the ground, both awe and terror would sweep the battlefield, as their role was to determine the fate of fallen warriors. They are symbolized as beacons of strength, during battle they descend from the sky in armor and chainmail, they are winged warriors wearing helmets seen holding spears. They would ride on the backs of their horses as they approached from the heavens to the mortal realm, with guttural cries at the back of their throats.

It is the duty of the Valkyries to not participate in the wars of mortals or have a role in the physical/mental acts of battle, but rather to choose from the fallen humans and judge who was worthy enough to ascend to the halls of Odin or to walk the fields of Freyja. Valkyries can have an effect on the outcome of battles, though only with the approval of the great god, Odin. 

Odin’s hall, Valhalla, holds the spirits of the warriors in constant battle, their sole purpose in the afterlife is to prepare for the the end of the world, Ragnarök, and to defend their universe as best they can from Loki and his army.

The fields of Freyja, are just as worthy a place to be taken, however the life of the dead there is simple and peaceful.

The names of the Valkyries often depend on the text read: in the Icelandic or Old Norse text Völuspá, the first poem of the Poetic Edda in the 13 th century, describes six Valkyrie each named for war or weaponry – Skuld, Skögul, Gunnr, Hildr, Göndul,and Geirskögul. In another text, the Grímnismál, dictates eleven Valkyries, all with different names than those in the Poetic Edda.

They can also willingly choose a human lover and can be prone to the human tendencies of jealousy and revenge. In the tale of Helgi and Sigrún, a love tale dictated in Helgakviða Hundingsbana I. Sigrún, a Valkyrie, is unhappily betrothed by her father to a man she does not wish to marry. A human named Helgi fights the man she must marry to the death, winning her love. Later, after Helgi is killed by Sigrún’s brother, Sigrún is one of the few Valkyries known to have died from a broken heart.

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