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These ancient ceremonial pistols can be dated back to the early Golden Age. A faded inscription reads "To Sigrun, from Victor."


Basic Information

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Released: Destiny 2

Rarity: Exotic

Category: Weapon

Weapon SubCategory: Kinetic / Primary

Weapon Archetype: Hand Cannon

Weapon Perks: Accomplice; Storm and Stress

Affiliations: Golden Age

Misc: Symbiosis; Sudden Squall; Dream of a New World

Additional / Expanded Information

The heaviest part of Sturm and Drang only lasted about 10 years but later sprung up in periods of history. It is characterized as impetuosity of manner, exaltation of individual sensibility and intuitive perception. This means that at the time when rational thought and order were recognized as the truest path to divinity, Sturm and Drangers believed one must only have to follow the heart or emotion to have the strongest connection with nature.

Definition Summary


Sturm & Drang = “Storm & Stress”

German Style/movement of literature 18th century, using emotion, violence & opposition to extreme nationalism.

The phenomenon known as “Sturm und Drang” is by no means restricted to the literature of Germany. There is a period of “Sturm and Drang” in all literatures, as there is, to a greater or less degree, in the life of every individual.

It is often referred to as youthful vigor and is credited with “the explosion of the German soul.” It very much focuses on one’s “Inner Light” and rejects the idea of divine inspiration as an influential force behind ones passion. The name comes from a play written by German poet Friedrich Maximilian von Klinger (1752-1831) set in America it dealt with violent expression and was meant to shock the audience out of a perceived malaise.

There is still debate regarding whose work should or should not be included in the canon of Sturm und Drang. Some notable influences are Goethe, Johann Gottfried Herder, Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz, and their direct German associates writing works of fiction and/or philosophy between 1770 and the early 1780’s.

What’s interesting about Goethe is his own shadowing of Shakespeare in some of his works and directly linking him to the embodiment of Sturm and Drang. This was the case because he saw Shakespeare as the man who represents the working class and was able to cut through the authority of his time through tragedy with mocking Jest. Shakespeare was admired by the Sturm and Drangers and Goethe even wrote his own very Shakespearean style of play “Götz von Berlichingen”.

This movement goes against the grain of modern society at that time and is sometimes called “the angry young movement”. The feeling was so many were in rational slavery and humanity was heading in the wrong direction by failing to consider the emotions and senses as part of the “Complete human”.

Some of the major philosophical/theoretical influences on the literary Sturm und Drang movement known as Aesthetics were Johann Georg Hamann and Johann Gottfried Herder, both from Königsberg and both were influenced by Immanuel Kant who was a central figure in modern German philosophy.

So many great pieces of literature are born from this movement, however it was unable to influence the broad spectral art base, most likely because of its short lived time frame.

Smells like “Teen Angst”…

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