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Eight seconds is nothing.

Spur of the Moment

Basic Information

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Released: Destiny 2 : Season of Dawn

Rarity: Exotic

Category: Other

Other SubCategory: Sparrow

Affiliations: Eververse

Additional / Expanded Information

This particular item follows closely to the standard Western motif known to be used by the Tex Mechanica weapon foundry.

Definition Summary

Bull riding: a rodeo event in which a rider attempts to attain a perfect score by remaining mounted on a bull for a total of 8 seconds while the animal bucks violently. American bull riding has been called “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports.”

The rodeo competition was originally a natural extension of the daily challenges cowboys confronted on the ranches. Cowboys have many tasks/jobs on a ranch, such as roping calves and breaking broncs into saddle horses. Bull riding was born from these duties on the ranch and climbing on the back of a 2,000-pound bull, emerged from the fearless/fool-hardy nature of the cowboy.

Bull riding is dangerous, demanding intense physical prowess, a strong mental state of mind, and courage. Serious risk and injury is always a possibility and bull riding ranks as one of rodeo’s most popular events. To protect the rider, as well as the animal, 8 seconds was determined to be the safest maximum time allotted for bull riding.

After 8 seconds, the bull (or horse) looses adrenaline, and along with fatigue, their bucking ability decreases, which could lead to injury. The rules for bull riding are similar to bareback and saddle bronc riding, the bull rider may use only one hand to stay on during the eight-second ride. If the rider touches the bull or himself with their free hand, they receive a zero score.

Standard Rules for Bull Riding:

» For 8 seconds, the rider cannot touch any part of their body or the body of the bull / horse

» Spurring isn’t required, but can add ‘points’ to the overall score for the rider, as it demonstrates control.

» When scoring, score is split between the rider and the bull / horse by four judges. End scores range from 0-100 points (average score is around 70), comprised of the following formula:

Rider is given score between 0-25 points by each judge individually.

Animal is given score between 0-25 points by each judge individually.

Once scores have been given, they are added together and then the final value for the Rider Score and Bull Score are divided in half (ending with a value somewhere between 0-50 points for each). 

After the Rider and Bull Scores are finalized, they are then added together, resulting in the Final Ride Score – to be awarded in the successful completion of an 8 second ride.

Note: there will always be a Bull Score – even if the Rider is thrown or fails to complete the ride. Similarly, if there is an issue with the animal, judges are allowed to offer the rider a chance to re-ride.

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