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"Fate is a scythe."
- Idil Abdi

Quality Cut

Basic Information

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Released: Destiny2 : Shadowkeep

Rarity: Exotic

Category: Other

Other SubCategory: Jumpship

Affiliations: Eververse

Additional / Expanded Information

The speaker in the flavor text, Idil Abdi, is possibly the same Abdi mentioned in both The Mountaintop and Sleepless Flight lore entries. If so, this individual is both a Guardian, as well as a member of Shaxx’s fireteam who defied orders to retreat at Twilight Gap.

Definition Summary

Quality Cut: The precise cut to a diamonds shape which gives brilliance and fire. A diamond’s cut quality has the most significant impact on its beauty. Higher diamond cut quality means higher prices and it’s thought that the cut is more important than color or clarity. In short, higher diamond cut quality = higher prices/value.

The flavor text is an interesting element because it shows fate as being Death. A scythe is a the tool often held by the figure of death (a “Reaper of Souls”). This is also a play on the original naming convention for the ship which has the word “cut” in it. Almost as if alluding to the same extinction event suffered by trilobites (more on that connection in a bit) and or the mini carbon lifeforms pressed under pressure to form diamonds laying in the Earth’s crust.

Trilobite: Any member of a group of extinct fossil arthropods, easily recognized by their distinctive three-lobed, three-segmented form. These marine animals first appeared at the beginning of the “Cambrian Explosion”, a period of time when they dominated the seas.

Looking at the concept art (below) for the ship, we see the connection/inspiration of the trilobite on the overall design.

Quality Cut - Concept

The Cambrian Period, produced the most intense burst of evolution ever recorded and is known as “The Cambrian Explosion”. This period was when an incredible diversity of life emerged and includes many major animal groups still alive today. This period includes chordates, to which vertebrates (animals with backbones) such as human beings belong, as well as brachiopods, which lived in shells and animals with external skeletons. These were also known as arthropods, and are the ancestors of insects, spiders, and crustaceans.

To this day it remains a mystery as to what initially started this biological influx. Scientists theorize oxygen in the atmosphere, created by algae, had finally reached the levels needed to fuel the growth required for new body structures and new ways of living. The Cambrian Explosion is also very difficult to find any precursor evolutionary steps of life, because hard-bodied animals fossilized much easier than soft-bodied animals.

Trilobites, were among the most successful organisms ever to populate Earth. They first arose about 545 million years ago and thrived throughout the world’s oceans until they were wiped out during the Permian extinctions about 250 million years ago. They left a massive amount of fossils in their wake.

They have been proven to be among the most successful and enduring of all prehistoric animals. This was due largely to their flattened, segmented, plated bodies that helped to protect them at a time when the seas were filled with predators.

Fossils found in the Burgess Shale of British Columbia show traces of a notochord (a rodlike primitive backbone) and Cambrian sediment samples found in Canada, Greenland and China have yielded rarely fossilized soft-bodied creatures such as marine worms buried during undersea mud avalanches.

The end of the Cambrian period consisted of a series of mass extinctions when many animals went extinct, and among those lost were the trilobites.

♦ Cuttlefish have ink called sepia and can be released in a cloud that confuses predators providing opportunity to escape. This ink historically was used for writing and drawing, can be used to treat medical conditions and is also used as a food coloring.

♦ Cuttlefish have a long, oval bone called a cuttlebone used to regulate buoyancy via internal chambers that may be filled with gas or water. This gives them the ability to glide and fly through the ocean. Cuttlebones have a high calcium/mineral content and are used as a supplement for many pets.

♦ Cuttlefish are blind to color but they can see polarized light. To focus on an object, a cuttlefish changes the “W” shape of its eye, allowing them to control reflective light and perceive it’s surroundings.

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